Thursday, 20 October 2016

Countdown 73 - Action Equals Reaction.

Countdown 73 - Action Equals Reaction.

The Upside

‘To every need, there is an attached responsibility. To every feed, there is an origin. To every creed there is hope. To every good deed done there is a reward. To every seed planted, there is a new life, new fertility, and a new generation. To every lead, there is an answer bespoke to your question. To every read, there is a moral. To everything agreed, there are harmony and unity. To every proceed forward there is a chance to cope.’

The Downside

‘To every misdeed, there is a bad consequence. To every aspect of greed, there is corruption, deception, obstruction, and destruction. To every weed grown there is strangulation to every seed sown. To every stampede from city to city in stock markets to supermarkets there will always be a need for speed. To every intention to mislead there will always be victims that carry the pain, the strain, and the migraine.’

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