Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Wonder Yonder

Wonder Yonder

Quote of the day

‘I sometimes wonder about the way things are and I wonder about the way things were. Today I wonder about the way things will turn out, will there be room for hope to cope, will there be room for peace to release and love to overcome hate.’

Good evening to all my friends from around the world. Friendship is a bond of hope, peace, and love. Today I was wondering about a lot of things. I was wondering about why the earthworms leave a lawn so filled with their castings. I was wondering about the way things are, the war in Syria to the deforestation in Nigeria. I was wondering about the unemployment in the Caribbean and the alcoholism that Koreans face in South Korea. I wondered about how our forefather in Adam coped with the running of the Garden of Eden. I wondered about how the ancient Egyptians created such wondrous gardens along the Nile and how gardens expanded from this. I wondered about how The LORD had walked the Earth and faced the problems of the Earth all alone. I wondered about how the dodo lived, how the great Auk looked, how the Tasmanian tiger foraged and how the sabre-toothed tiger roamed the Earth. I wonder too about the future. Will there ever be peace on Earth? Will poverty ever be reduced and generosity increased? I wonder about climate change and how high will the level of the sea rise.  I wonder about extinction with greater distinction. I wonder about the children of our world? Will they ever be free from harm, free from persecution and free from abuse? Dear Friends, I wonder about you too. Will you be okay today, tomorrow and for the rest of your lives? Will you be able to cope in a new world of terror, human error, war and the post-war of bitterness, struggle, and revenge? Therefore, I pray for you today. I pray for your safety, your shelter, your warmth, your courage and your success. I pray that you shall never be exposed to any form of abuse and that you shall live on to 100 years of age and to move onto eternity.

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