Sunday 16 October 2016

Celebrities in the skies.

Celebrities in the skies.

Quote of the day

‘When we realise the purpose of our lives only then do we stand on the pedestal of wisdom looking ahead at beacons that shine like stars each sending out signals of information, inspiration and motivation. Each star shines bright making you more knowledgeable, better informed, in tune, educated and philosophical. It is at this point you feel in sync with the cosmos.’

The heartiest welcome to the start of a new working week, I hope and pray that you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Following on from the previous article I would like to highlight your importance in the modern world and why you should treasure your life. Understanding the purpose of your life makes you come to a point of realisation. You are obviously determined to see changes in your life. You want to look better, feel better, drive a nice car or maybe two and live in a beautiful home. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, you are entitled to such privileges because you are indeed human. However, for some reason, it appears to be somewhat difficult to have a comfortable lifestyle. No matter how hard you try something will cut it off. Problems at work, home or maybe something personal always comes in the way of things. Today I want you to come to a point of realisation. I want you to realise that your life is the most precious gift bestowed upon you. It is priceless, it is full of niceness and more importantly, it is full of righteousness.  To achieve maximum results in all that you do you need to be in tune with The Universe. You need to extract knowledge from the Universe and you need to do it selflessly. To do this you need to be part of The Universe. Step into the Universe and look at the vastness around you. Admire the wealth of information and the charisma of uniformity and magnificence. Pick a set of stars and make then your very own. Give them names and imagine that those particular stars are your beacons to success. The 1st Star is the star of Knowledge whereupon you get untainted knowledge that sets you free. The 2nd star is the star of Information, streamed directly to you on a daily basis. Whatever the information it will be supplied to you in an instance. The 3rd star is the star of communication. This star relays all your queries to the heavens above. It is your communique centre. The 4th star is the star of Education. As you learn you start to earn rewards both on heaven and earth. Finally, the fifth star is the star of Innovation. It makes you the Proprietor of your own ideas. To makes these messages from the heavenly beacons work for us we need to start loving rather hating. We need to stop challenging, comparing and contesting with each other. We need to move forward with a positive attitude. There is no time to create enemies, there is no time to procrastinate and there is no time to find faults with other people. When you stand on the pedestal of wisdom you need to focus on your goals and work steadily to achieve them unselfishly.  Have a wonderful evening, we will expand on this later on.

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