Sunday, 23 October 2016

Harmony or Disharmony

Harmony or Disharmony

Quote of the month

‘Never listen to disharmony but always settle for a sense of harmony. Never stare at the rage that flares from the temperament of an individual, simply disengage and move to a different zone. Don’t feel dishearten or frighten, brighten your day instead with a sweeten phrase and an enlightened gesture.’

A blessed Sunday to you Dear Friends, may the grace of Almighty GOD touch your hearts with hope, restitution and celebration. To receive the blessings of our Heavenly Father we need to maintain a certain level of strategy especially in a world plagued with strong adversities. The above Quote also summarised as the quote of the month exemplifies this well. Harmony for disharmony, disengage when faced with rage, enlightenment for frightening or disheartening feelings. Harmony is the melody of the angels as they majestically survey the ionosphere for calls for help and distress. When you are in trouble always call out to your very own assigned angel that listens with harmony and acts with harmony. Don’t go it alone. Reach out and touch the hand of your guardian angel. When you meet rage face to face don't create a stage to act on it. Simply disengage and move to a different zone where rage is controlled in a cage, and where you can gauge its intensity. Never feel disheartened or frightened when you know well that your Heavenly Father watches over you daily. From a hierarchy of angels to the archangel, a daily report of your affairs is always submitted to our Heavenly Father. So, when you feel a sense of a disheartened or commonly frightened feeling always know well that man will always frighten you. When this happens simply dial your Heavenly Father for instant recovery from your crisis. In a hierarchy of designated help from good people on Earth to the angels above help is always readily available. Have faith, believe in yourself, identify your gremlins, unleash your innermost talents, seek help and overcome the dilemmas that maybe upon you. Words in the form of a sweetened phrase can transform your day or the hand of a nobleman or woman can lighten your burden. No one alive is meant to suffer, no one is meant to be abused, no one is meant to live in poverty and no one is meant to be humiliated. Be strong, be yourself, walk a mile with an anointed smile, feel positive and always use positive gearing to overcome negative gearing. Ponder on these vital steps to your overall success. Have a restful and relaxing day. I look forward as ever to embrace your presence tomorrow.

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