Thursday 6 October 2016

Keep fit with your very own kit.

Keep fit with your very own kit.

Quote of the day

‘It is always important to keep fit. As we seek inspiration for our mind we need motivation for our body. To be effective we need to commit to a strict regime, we need to do it a bit at a time. We need to acquire the grit to edge forward. We need to omit bad habits and admit to better ones. I say onto you and verily too, start off with a kit that suits you and if you can manage it an outfit for the occasion. Don’t just sit and read or quit and never read, just do it and become a hit amongst your friends and family.’

A spirited welcome to Thursday. Always remember to sign up for my free newsletters to ensure a regular flow of inspiration and motivation nourished unselfishly to feed your mind and body. Today it is about your body, the temple of your inert inner self, the contour of your outer extrovert and the machinery to exert yourself. Keeping fit helps you to execute those demanding tasks set upon by your very own challenges in life. What’s written in your diary or memo is what you committed to rather than what others are asking you to commit to. One of those daily tasks is finding the time to keep fit. It is often hard to find the nudge to do physical work. The paperwork, the homework, the housework, the guesswork or the groundwork seems to get preference. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I want to assure you that physical work is equally important. Physical work is about using your body to make you become somebody, instead of settling for something shoddy. All human beings have the right to an equal life, you need to reach out to the opulence of The Universe to help yourself to knowledge and power. Knowledge is for your mind and as you absorb it you shall become wiser rather than a miser. Power is for your body and as you use it you shall become stronger rather than weaker. At Universally Friendly I supply you with all the knowledge that I acquired over the past two decades. I also supply you with a kit of different exercises to help keep you fit and to help you maintain a strict exercise regime. I also supply with recipes to help you maintain a good BMI. These recipes start from a simplicity of meals for under a £1 to a simplicity of meals for under £10. Can you imagine feeding a family of five for £1? Yes, a family of five can survive for under £1 with scrumptious meals made to order. Can you imagine feeding a family over the weekend with an array of superb meals that are under £10 and taste really good? It is all about knowledge and power. You need power for the day to day running of your daily grind. These sources of power come from solar energy, electricity, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy and natural gas. Sadly, they are not free and you have to pay for the use of them. Universal Energy comes in two forms and that is knowledge and power. Universal Energy is free. It took me 35 years to understand this. I am here to make you understand it immediately. You need to keep fit and to do this you need to commit. Don’t just sit around doing nothing and don’t quit once you have started. Make it your duty to log onto this channel every day. Acquire whatever you can from Universally Friendly, most of it is free. Have a great day and remember tomorrow is the start of a new beginning for you. My article for tomorrow is called ‘The Seedling and the Tree.’

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