Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wondering helps

Wondering helps

Quote of the day

‘Wondering helps to stop the suffering, the constant blundering, the unnecessary slumbering and the historical plundering. It also promotes comforting and to create wonderful moments. It helps in the restructuring of broken dreams and in the recovering from financial landslides. Do wonder like how I did yesterday, it really helps.’

Good day to you Dear Friends. Welcome to the fifth day in October 2016. It is exactly 87 days before the start to a New Year. I want to prepare you, I want to say a prayer for you, I want to care for you, I want to make you aware and to clear a thoroughfare for you. Yesterday's article triggered me to write today’s article called ‘Wondering Helps’. I always wondered about life itself from a very young age. Whilst other children would run into the open fields laughing and having fun I was at home. I was at home creating my own laughter and fun inside. My imagination grew and my inquiries broadened. I searched for answers to all my questions but never got them until the age of 35 when I received a revelation. It was a revelation that lasted for 4 hours but it was also an entry into the knowledge of The Universe which I later called The Extranet. Like how we log onto the internet for information I could log into the Extranet at any time for ALL the answers to my questions. This has kept me alive for all these wonderful years that has passed by and to come because I now understand fully the purpose of my life. I understand about death, birth and eternity too. I understand about alien life, UFOs, and the afterlife. I understand about The Creation, about Heaven and Earth, about the locality of the Garden of Eden, the existence of our Heavenly Father and much more. This has helped me to build my confidence because I wondered about things, I wondered about my life and now I wonder about everyone’s life. It helped me to create Universally Friendly, which is a growing circle of genuine friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. It helps me to manage my time more profitably, it helps me to make fewer blunders in life and to avoid slumbering too often. Wondering helps me to restructure my agenda if yesterday’s performance failed. It also helps me to recover from any financial mishaps. Wondering is wonderful, it is very comforting and therefore I highly recommend it. Have a wondering today and a wondering tomorrow. It will be the greatest time you have ever expended.

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