Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Seedling and the Tree – Part 2

The Seedling and the Tree – Part 2

Quote of the day

‘Any change in life be it personal, permanent, professional, recreational, educational or public requires a set period of time assigned to it and a proper understanding of the responsibilities attached to it. Initially, changes may not be seen but after a while, a spur of incredible changes will blow you away. What follows is sustainability and maintainability.’

A spirited welcome to a new weekend and a new day in your life and as we countdown to 2017 I want you to remain spirited. With a genuinely good spirit, you can make changes that will blow you away. Don’t lose hope when changes are not evident. Be patient and then after a certain period of time, you will embrace a period called The Grand Period of Growth, more about this in a later article. As we continue this article we draw the analogy to the seedling and the tree. Success is evident when we look for it. Great success makers like Gates, Buffet and Jobs understood the initial growth period which was slow and did not really flow. However, like the tree and the seedling they knew that the initial phase was the toughest one where hurdles needed to be crossed. The tree spoke to the seedling even though you may think this is bizarre. We must remember that all living organisms do speak to each other. Success in the Universe is evident when we see calm rather chaos or when we witness marvel rather than collapse. Success on Earth is seen when we look at GOD’s amazing creatures that supply us with daily nutrients and life-giving gases. If success is evident in people and in nature, then we need to look no further. If you started a strict diet you will not see results on the first day, actually, you may find that you feel bloated and put on weight. Don’t give up for the tree said clearly to the seedling, everything in life takes time. I still have to grow and meet my adversities every single day. You will be like me if you think like me, act like me and grow like me. Be inspired by what you see, be motivated by positive movements and be aspired by good thoughts and visions that come to you in the form of dreams. Dream of a change be personal or not and then envisage what life will be like for you and for your family. This should build passion and desire in you and ignite the pistons in you to take real and positive action. The seedling already has a vision of the tree next to it, from it learns to grow, to overcome adversities and to understand its purpose. This is your life on planet Earth that has a duration of 100 years. Use it profitably despite any setbacks that you may encounter. Love your life and be inspired by people that are already loving their lives. The seedling is inspired by the tree next to it. In some ways it feels protected, it feels respected, it feels corrected and it feels perfected. Can you imagine how lonely that little seedling would have felt if it was all alone without an ounce of inspiration and a tonne of motivation? Don’t give up on your dreams. Be Patient. Be Enduring and be Tolerant. Do you remember the PET Effect that we spoke about? Have a wonderful and relaxing day. Love your life and live it by expressing love to others as well.

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