Wednesday 26 October 2016

Your life can be likened to a Cappuccino

Your life can be likened to a Cappuccino

Quote of the day

‘Think of a Cappuccino as a role model to your life. The cream for pureness, the delicate brown cocoa for sureness, the elegant mug for secureness, the flavour for assuredness and the right amount of coffee to allure you.’

Welcome to the final midweek of October 2016. It is warm and inviting to grace your daily presence on this inspirational network. Sometimes we need to be constantly reminded of our role in life and how vibrant we can become. A cup of cappuccino might well do the trick. Always think of a cappuccino as the role model of your life. The cream at the top is what your wonderful dreams are made of. Like cream, your dreams should be pure, sure and full of cure. The body of the cappuccino so distinctly brown can be likened to your body, so firm yet so smooth and gentle. The water content of your cappuccino is critical to its overall taste. You too should ensure that your bodily water content is always kept constant. Always drink water regularly. The flavour of your coffee can be likened to your soul infusing delicately with the walls of the container, rupturing at the surface with passion and desire. To make your goals work you need to ensure that you adhere to the parameters of what is needed to get your goals off the mark. Having goals is one thing but to make them materialise you need to act immediately and methodically. Using the cup of cappuccino as an analogy reminds you of your purpose in life and what parameters you need to keep within. Putting too much or too little of water can ruin your cappuccino. Too much of coffee or milk can also have the same effect. Be consistent to get and maintain the same results and standards. Have a wonderful evening. Have a cup of cappuccino on me and ponder on your life and how wonderful it can become.

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