Monday 17 October 2016

Countdown 75 -The Point of Realisation

Countdown 75 -The Point of Realisation

Quote of the day

‘The point of realisation is a sense of elation because you know what you have to do. It is also a pivotal point of rotation, allowing you to turn around from a negative situation to a positive one. It is also a point of animation and captivation. Animation is about building enthusiasm in a new direction and captivation is about having fascination in what you are about to achieve and receive.’

Greetings and salutations to all my wonderful friends from around the world that inspire me to write daily, thank you so much. You give me light to provide you with a better insight, you give me the courage to encourage you, you give me the joy to make you enjoy your life and you make me feel elated for what I have created. Thank you ever so much and thank you for those wonderful and special messages of appreciation. Realisation is the foundation to appreciation, clarification and determination. When you realise the purpose of your existence you immediately start to appreciate your life down to the very second. With 86,400 seconds at your disposal per day, you must be able to manage your time exclusively, from dawn to dusk. This can take the time to master but if you follow the right mentor you will always succeed. Clarification is about knowing what to do. You have the time but you need to know what to do with it. Most of us fail at this point. We tend to spend more time watching the telly, from repetitive adverts to endless repeats. To overcome our ‘bad’ habits we need to be determined. We need to develop the willpower to sustain our daily effort. Determination comes with practise. You need to visualise what your life will be like in ten years from now. How will you look, how will you feel, what car will you be driving, where will you stay or what will your holiday destination be. How will you dress, how will you address matters, will you still be stressed? Visualisation helps you to achieve Realisation. Visualisation overcomes frustration, complications, procrastination and all the negative trends that we generally become victims too. To develop your determination, you need animation and captivation.  'Animation' is energy. You need to be like a dynamo constantly working mentally or physically. Captivation is Fascination. To strengthen your visualisation, you need to constantly capture footage that relates to your goals. So, if you like a Ferrari F40, constantly look for footage or information relating to this supercar. Take care and have a great midweek tomorrow.

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