Monday 10 October 2016

In Search of Happiness

Countdown 80 - In Search of Happiness

Quote of the day

‘Finding Happiness is not as important as understanding what Happiness is all about. Equally to escape the entrapment of sadness is not as important until you understand why you got there in the first place.’

Welcome to a wonderful Tuesday, a day where inspiration comes alive in a different way. It comes in the form of a subtle quest to search. It is all about the search for happiness of which I believe that we all seek but do we really understand its true meaning. I would define Happiness as a realm of limitless pleasure bonded by a feeling of intense exhilaration, total delight and complete joy. Many of us would openly say that we are happy. However, we need to openly ask ourselves is our happiness long-term or short-term. Limitless pleasure is the acknowledged practice of having a strong desire and passion in all that you do, think or say. Limitless pleasure can be likened to a flow of a river, each molecule of water coalescing to create life for all that depend on it. It is limitless because it flows continually. It is limitless because it is abundant. It is limitless because it is free. If you can understand the power to obtain happiness without any financial commitment than you are half way, there. When you know that you have access to a medium designed especially for you 25% of your rewards comes rushing in and that is called delight. An employer may promise you a job but can never guarantee permanency. A bank manager can grant you a mortgage but never guarantee you a fixed interest rate. Everyone makes promises but very few will keep them. GOD’s promise to you is always there strong like a ray of light. Such a ray is so enlightening, satisfying and full of hope. Where else in the living world can you reach out your hand and be comforted? Where can you find peace in a forest of chaos? Where can you locate righteousness in a world riddled with unrighteousness? Everything you need to live is free from the hand of GOD. Everything you need to live from the hand of man has a price tag attached to it. Listen to the word of man and you shall listen to the sound of pain, the feeling of being drained and the constant train of a migraine. Listen to the word of GOD and you shall feel no pain, be under no strain, without a migraine, the ability to attain happiness and the power to obtain. Dear Friends, you need to grasp the full meaning of Happiness before you can embark on getting it. Many will follow the leader of the pack even though it may not always be the right way. I say onto you and verily too, follow your very instincts and be driven by them. Seek first the true meaning of happiness because grasping onto it. When you know that you are happy hold onto to it forever and ever. People will cunningly take away your possessions, but don’t let them come any near to taking away your happiness.

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