Monday 3 October 2016

Autumn Tasters Part 2

Autumn Tasters

Welcome to the start of a new working week. I hope and pray that you are well and counting down to the New Year. To inspire you to do better and keep in touch I list for your perusal some of the articles that are coming your way in October.

Quote of the day

‘Every endeavour that you make in life makes you grow stronger by the day forever and ever. Always use the Leverage Effort to make your endeavour work. Make every endeavour matter, wherever you are, whatever you do, whichever way you look, whenever you speak or however tired you maybe.’

Quote of the Season

‘The plight of an individual can sometimes originate from the spite of someone else.’

Quote of the week

‘Every step that you take in life needs to be calculated in advance, related to your daily agenda and translated to the world in a mellow tone.’

Quote of the weekend

‘Every earthly season holds its own melodrama of courtship, hardship, relationship, leadership and untold friendship. You need to be Patient, Enduring and Tolerant every season of the year’

Quote of the month

‘Never listen to disharmony but always settle for a sense of harmony. Never stare at rage that flares from the temperament of an individual, simply disengage and move to a different zone. Don’t feel dishearten or frighten, brighten your day instead with a sweeten phrase and an enlightened gesture.’

Quote of the working week

‘Work with vitality and neutrality. Focus on your housework, your homework, your groundwork, your teamwork and your paperwork. Stay within your network.’

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