Friday 14 October 2016

A Birthday wish for a special person

Birthday wishes for a special person

Quote of the day

‘Special People are very gentle, careful, successful, sentimental, confidential, exceptional, understanding, supportive, loving and friendly. Special People make you realise how special you really are. So, if you connected with a special person treasure that relationship, exercise appreciation, encourage cultivation and create sound memories.’

A very warm welcome to you on the last day of our working week. It is my wife’s birthday today and because she is a special person in my life I decided to write this article dedicated to her. This article is also dedicated to the billions of special people around the world too. If it is your birthday today I wish you a very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart and may you be blessed with the joy of life. The joy of life is about living it, loving it and appreciating it. A birthday reminds us of our presence on planet Earth and the purpose of our life. My wife of 30 years has shared a unique relationship with me, she is my best friend and my soulmate for life. She has shared my grief and has given me relief during times of need. She has carried my burden when I was nervous, when I was a bit out of service and when I failed to take observance. To every individual, there is a special person that cares for you, shares their love and kindness and are fair in all that you do. Sometimes we fail to realise this or even appreciate it. Birthdays remind us to do just that. Birthdays are symbolic. It is an annual event that lasts for 100 years. With a special friend, you create special moments, moments that last forever and ever and set the sprinklers on to touch other people’s hearts. Always find that special moment for a special friend. Make them aware that you appreciate them, admire them and support them. Make them feel important in the same way they make you feel important. Cultivation is the foundation to a happier lifestyle. Nurturing a special relationship with someone special broadens your outlook to life and builds confidence in your esteem. It is hard to go it alone but with a special friend I can assure you that you can go on forever. With a special friend, you will always have a shoulder to lean on, a set of ears that will attentively listen to your pain and a mouth that will utter the personified words to alleviate any pain that you are experiencing. Dear Friends, learn to appreciate a special person, learn to create everlasting memories with a special friend and relate your innermost problems with a special friend. I wish you a wonderful Friday and may the weekend ahead of you be spent on visualisation, captivation and contemplation.

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