Friday 30 September 2016

The Order of Things

The Order of things

Quote of the day

‘The order of things is predetermined by the way you mix and match. Mix the right words and you will create eloquence. Mix the right sounds and you will create a symphony. Mix with the right friends and you shall break the silence of loneliness.’

My blessed greetings to you on this final day of September 2016, and as we say farewell to the colours of September let us welcome October 2016 with pastels of Autumn shades. We expect a very cold Winter this year, what we must remember is that Winter is one of 4 seasons. If we live in anticipation, we can meet any adverse weather conditions. The Order of Things forms the basis of October’s Inspirational Articles, the month of Affectivity. It is designed to arouse emotions of affection in what you do, say or think. Saying goodbye to a wonderful month can be a trying experience and in some cases a crying experience. As we say farewell to a tremendous month let us also learn to say welcome to a new and vibrant month. If you did well in September, then let it motivate you to do better in October and even better in November. I wish you well in the next 92 days. May you prosper, may you become stronger and may you become the gatekeeper of your affairs. May you utter words of eloquence with spoken grace, may you listen to sounds that enlighten your burdens and may you find harmony in new friends. Don’t forget to join me tomorrow on a relentless cause towards your overall success.

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