Friday 16 September 2016

Mini Quotes - Just for you

Mini Quotes

Welcome to the final day of another working week in September, the month of Spectacles. As promised please find enclosed a series of mini Quotes for you to print off and keep in your portfolio. It will help you in difficult times in the same way it helps me.

‘Reality in life is about certainty. If you are certain then you need to open the curtain wide and let the sun rush in’


‘Actuality is the practicality of your life. It is about setting foot in the real world working to deal with problems with positivity.’


‘Prosperity is about how you shall mine for the wealth of your choice. Selfish people will mine until they whine and pine.’


‘Longevity is the remedy for all your problems in life. It is an immediate solution to establish your will to live.’

Endless Possibilities and Opportunities

Endless possibilities and opportunities. You hold the key to your success and for your desire to live endlessly you can open any door that suits you.

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