Tuesday 6 September 2016

Daily Resources

Daily Resources

Quote of the day

‘Daily resources is a supreme way of having some form of fall-back to deal with a sudden setback that you may incur. When we err we will incur, when we swear we detach ourselves from been fair, when we stare we tend to dare, when we compare we get nowhere, however when we share we get somewhere.’

Welcome to Tuesday, the 6th of September 2016. It is wonderful to embrace your presence today. I pray that you will retire tonight into a moat of wonderful dreams and awake to the sound of a new day and of newer opportunities. Sadly, we will always encounter stumbling blocks in our daily routine. Some may be premeditated whilst others are extemporaneous. Today I want to take this opportunity to remind you that Universally Friendly is your daily resource centre. It started some 22 years ago when life made no sense to me and when my pockets were without any cents. It started as a blank canvas and today it remains a resource centre to serve me and the citizens of our planet. I was in all sorts of trouble. You name I would have tasted it. Therefore, life did not make any sense to me. Trouble came to me in all shapes and sizes. Sadly, trouble will come to all of us in all shapes and sizes. I later discovered that at the end of the day whatever the problem is, it is dissolvable. You cannot say that a new infliction can become a future conviction and neither can you say that a new infliction will become a new addiction. What you need to understand is that if you went back in time like a time traveller even as little as a second that infliction did not exist. You created the infliction or you encountered it now you need to learn how to eradicate it and how to avoid it later on. So, when the volcano in your life erupts you need to temper it down a bit before it gets aggressive and starts spewing lava all over your personality. You must understand that every day in your life is a learning experience. As you learn you earn the accolade of personal wisdom. Personal wisdom enables you deal with inhibitions in your life and to overcome obstacles that await behind closed doors and heavy drapes. As we embrace a new day trouble will fall upon us like rain from above. Simple steps can be made to avoid taking complex steps. We all err but now we need to learn to become more aware in order to care, share and remain fair. As we become aware through experience we tend to prepare for the day in advance. To assist you I have at your disposal an invaluable resource centre for you to access 24/7.  Like flicking through indices in a filing cabinet you can grasp a helping hand or support within a few minutes. So, when you feel threatened don’t despair Universally Friendly is here to help you. 

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