Friday 9 September 2016

Dealing with losses – Part 2

Dealing with losses – Part 2

Quote of the day

‘Materialistic Acquisitions can be quite delusionary because we tend to forget our real lifeline which is what I call Spiritualistic Missions. Materialistic Acquisitions are evolutionary. Spiritualistic Missions are more revolutionary.’

Bonus Quote

‘The fundamental Law of the Universe clearly states that we have a purpose in life and that purpose is to serve our Heavenly Father from birth to death. whether we are small or big, with fin or skin, gestate or mutate, crow or moo, regurgitate or hibernate, breed or feed, hop or just be part of a crop, roar like a lion or gore like an herbivore we have to adhere to our Spiritual Mission.

We often cannot identify the real difference between the two and therefore pine over material loss and appear fine after a spiritual loss. The lifeline to our real existence comes from above, a spiritual line that ignites our passion and highlights our desire. As Spiritual Missionaries we can undertake work according to our abilities. At Universally Friendly we sum this up quite well. Spiritual Missionaries care, share and always remain fair. If you do this daily, then understanding your materialistic needs becomes easier. Dear Friends you must always value your life as the birds, the ladybirds, the bees and the herds of wildebeest that sweep majestically across the Savannah do. If you value your life with all your heart, then you will see how important your Spiritual Mission really is. For your efforts a paradise awaits you, not all individuals take up this offer. They constantly strive to go back again and again to do well. When you understand your Spiritual Mission you will understand the process of eternity and the vastness and diversity of The Universe. True Spiritual Beings don’t hold onto materialistic assets. They never like to sweat, be under threat or be riddled with debt. They are the ambassadors of goodwill. They walk the Earth with grace, they replace damage with repair and they never chase or try to be in a race. They are calm, they recite the psalms, they can read your palm and they believe in giving alms. What did I mean when I said Materialistic Acquisitions are evolutionary? Well in order to understand this you need to flick through the pages of history. Materialistic Acquisitions are generally classified as tools to improve your lifestyle and to renovate your life to make it worthwhile. A car will always be a car but if you flick through the pages of history you will notice the evolutionary change. Vehicles of yesteryear and vehicles of today are really the same but have evolved according to our needs and circumstances. They have tyres, an engine, lights, seats etc. but the essence is the same. Spiritualistic Missions are more revolutionary because it is on-going vocation with the added bonus of several lovely vacations per year. There are no real changes to what our forefather in Adam did to what you and I have to do today. The common denominator here is common-sense. As Adam picked the leaves so do we. As Adam kept a steady balance we need to do the same. Some of us don’t. Dear Friends I urge you not be sad over a material loss but to be happy over a spiritual gain.

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