Thursday 15 September 2016

Fantasy or Reality

Fantasy or Reality

Quote of the day

‘Never spend valuable nights dreaming about fantasy, every night should be reserved for dreaming about reality, actuality, prosperity, longevity, possibilities and opportunities.’

Greetings to you on a rather a humid night. Thank you for sharing your time with me and thank you for the amazing RTs and DMs. Sorry for the late tweets, I could not get an internet connection, possibly due to changes in the weather. Dear Friends, I want you to know that we hold the key to our success, now we need to find the right door to use it. The door to fantasy can be an elaborate one but yields a zero effect in your life. It is a door that you can open but you need to know when you have to close it. I once recall a little boy finding solitude under a mango tree. There he sat pondered about how he can overcome his dilemma. He broke something and he did not know what to do. After a while, he looked up into the trees and saw the birds, the bees and the butterflies chatting away. He then asked what are you chatting about. They said that they break things all the time and they don’t worry about it. The little boy replied, ‘it’s easy for you because you don’t have anyone to answer to.’ A sparrow hovered over the boy and gently perched itself onto his shoulder and said we do answer to someone. We answer the call of nature, to the whisper of the angels and to our Heavenly Father, you should go home and face your problem. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls life is a fanciful plateau of good things and bad things. Fantasy or Fiction can become Reality and vice versa. You hold the key to your success and you have the drive to your future. Amongst all the positive moments in your life, you will meet the negative ones too. Some may be extremely good and others may be extremely bad. Like the birds, the bees and the butterflies we need to get on with it. We need to cater for setbacks and we need to become greater deploying a fall-back.

Bonus Quote

‘We need to cater for setbacks and thereby become greater by deploying a series of related fall-backs.’

In life, there are so many opportunities to explore, based on your merit, desire and passion you hold the key to your future. You need to dream about reality, actuality, prosperity, longevity, possibilities and opportunities. The reality of life is a certainty. If you are certain then you need to open the curtain wide and let the Sun rush in to inspire and motivate you. If you are uncertain then you need to close the curtain and review your situation before letting the sun rush in. 'Actuality' is the practicality of your life. It is about setting foot in the real world working to deal with problems with positivity. Prosperity is about how you shall mine for the wealth of your choice. Selfish people will mine until they whine and pine. Unselfish people will mine until they are fine. Prosperity is personal, professional and educational. Longevity is the remedy for all your problems in life. It is an immediate solution to establish your will to live. For those that want to live on for their full duration signifies their innermost desire to serve, to care, to share and remain fair. The doors of life will then open to endless possibilities and opportunities. You hold the key and for your desire to live you can open any door that suits you. Using the above, let us now collectively create a series of mini Quotes for you to print off and keep with you at all times. So, when trouble brews or when your bank balance stews or when you have the flu or when you feel the urge to spew refer to these Quotes. Join me tomorrow as I list these Quotes for your reference in dynamic graphics. Have a great day.

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