Tuesday 20 September 2016

Tears for Fears

Tears for Fears

Quote of the day

‘The only way to confront your fears is to look back over your earthly years of painful tears. Like a compere you need to piece together what was unclear, what was severe, why did you not persevere, were you insincere, did you have a poor financial year, did someone smear your character with malice and deceit or did you fail to adhere to basic principles to succeed.’

Good evening to all my beloved friends from around the world, it is such a blessing to know you let alone adore you. Welcome to the 20th day of September 2016. Did you have a relatively good day flanked with the sparkle of joy and happiness? Sometimes we tend to waste valuable time dwelling on things that did not turn out so well. I say onto you and verily to it is time to let go of what has already happened, you cannot change it but you can change what is going to happen. Before you do you need to remind yourself of the bitterness that you endured for all those years that have gone by. It hurts a great deal to know the level of pain and suffering that you endured for no reason at all. Like a weathered rock, we need to be able to withstand any force that comes our way. We are born to deal with them, now we must learn to live with them. We also need to learn about them. We need to understand how did these painful tears occur and what was the propelling force behind it. Financial pitfalls are generally as a result of haste. Why do we haste or race when we have time at our disposal? I have learnt over the years that whatever is unclear you must try to make it clear. Whatever was severe we must ride over it and become more austere. It is all about learning rather than churning over something. Sometimes in life when we confront an obstacle we must learn to shunt it.

Previous Quote

‘Avoidance is better than pursuance. Avoidance lasts for a mere second but pursuance can last a lifetime.’

So, when you confront an obstacle, push it aside and get on with more important work, stick to your agenda. Never drift from your daily agenda, if you completed all tasks on your daily agenda then you have free time to do anything. Financial obstacles are generally our biggest hurdles to cross. Always remember that a debt can be broken down by disciplinary days. Change what is going to happen tomorrow rather than dwell on what has already happened. If you burnt your fingers, then make sure you don’t burn them again. Change tomorrow by learning from yesterday. Don’t feel bitter about the past, use it to make tomorrow better. Don’t be a quitter. Thank you for reading this article.

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