Saturday 17 September 2016

A Blank Canvas

A Blank Canvas

Quote of the day

‘It is often easier to start from a blank canvas despite how severe your setback was. The good thing about this method is that you brush away the past, you don’t rush into the future and you remain hush about the present.’

A very warm welcome to your weekend, a coveted approach to chilling out from a long and tedious working week. I hope and pray that you are well, enjoying your day, flourishing in your say, making sure that you pray and of course ensuring that you don’t go astray. Today sees us embracing the middle of September 2016, do you feel accomplished and fulfilled at this pivotal part of the month.  This is quite a delicate question to ask because we all have different responsibilities and therefore experience different liabilities. Don’t worry I am here to help. Today I want you to start from nothing if things went wrong. I want you to start on a blank canvas and work your way outward. Like an artist I want you to use your imagination to try to etch onto the canvas the future of your life on planet Earth. Every stroke must be carefully etched onto the canvas detailing every step you need to take and every thought process that comes to mind. Action is always followed by a thought process. If you need a cuppa you will take action to make it. Good action plans yield good results. Sadly, bad action plans yield bad results and in some cases irreversible results. Therefore, the methodology forward is quite simple: Don’t rush, simply brush away and keep hush.

Application Quote

‘Don’t rush into anything. Formulate before you communicate. Always brush away bad and sad emotions and introduce good and happy moments. Finally, keep hush about your intentions, form an impression first and then let others know about it.’

We all seem to rush. We tend to augment simple tasks into difficult ones rather than segment difficult tasks into simpler ones. We need to brush away bad and sad emotions that can generally topple our day. We need to address our emotions in order to reduce stress. Less stress can get us out of the mess that we created. Less stress makes us less depressed and oppressed. Starting on a blank canvas clears the path forward and erases the path backward. Focus on what you have to do at this present moment. If it needs to be done, do it. If you cannot undertake it seek help or abandon it. Don’t sit on something and wait for a miracle to happen. Get on with it. Do it or leave it alone. I wish you a wonderful weekend. Take care

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