Sunday 11 September 2016

The Power to Achieve and Receive

The Power to Achieve and to Receive – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘The Power to Achieve is rooted in the same application as the Power to Receive. If you do not have the power to Receive then you will have not have the ability to Achieve.’

Dear Friends, may I take this opportunity to wish you a tremendous working week ahead of you. I hope and pray that your weekend was restful. I apologise sincerely for not tweeting for the past 48 hours. My wife and I were away on our 30th anniversary celebration in Reading. I wanted to compose my tweets to you at the retreat but I forgot to carry my laptop adapter. As soon as I turned it on, it went dead. Sorry. To develop your confidence about the week ahead of you I wanted to talk about the power to Achieve and to Receive.  The power to achieve is the ability to realise what work is actually involved in accomplishing and succeeding in something. Work is energy. Energy is often loosely defined. Energy to do work must be the right energy, it is about that inner passion and desire to do something. Energy to do work is often referred to as DRIVE. DRIVE stands for Dynamism, Resources, Inspiration, Vitality and Enthusiasm. In order to perform work, you need that DRIVE. Like a car, without combusting the fuel and pressing the accelerator you will be stationary. When you have combusted the inner passion and desire within you, you will be ready to get to work. To ensure that the workload you undertake fits your abilities and capabilities you need to refer to your Resources. What are your essential Resources? These would be supplies to consume and the means to resume. Next comes Inspiration. Inspiration is like the Highway Code. As you drive you are governed by the rules of the Cosmos. Follow the rules and you shall follow a path of righteousness. Break the rules and you shall follow a path of wickedness. What follows after this like a trailer to a car is Vitality. Vitality is about having the joie de vivre every single day for the rest of your earthly life. Like a centipede’s legs, the first pair of legs creates the first waveform undulating into a rhythmic flow of movement. Enthusiasm is that flow. If any pair of the centipede’s legs stops the enthusiasm to move comes to a grinding halt. Dear Friends, thank you for your patience, I am sorry once again for my abrupt absence. Tomorrow we shall conclude this article. Do join me then. Take care, love from your eternal friend, Anthony Pan.

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