Wednesday 14 September 2016

Hope to despair

Hope to despair

‘The tidal wave to self-destruction is often swift and the consequences can shift your hope to despair making you feel idle, suicidal and generally spiteful.’

Welcome to midweek, a pivotal part of your working that determines at which point the seesaw in your life is balanced. Are you on track or are you side-tracked or is your workload stacking up? Dear Friends, it is all about Input. A strong input will always yield a strong output, period. However, when emotions cover the aura of success around you, hope generally fades to despair. When emotions of despair come falling upon you, it has a unique habit to make you procrastinate, gain weight, make you late, make you have very little faith and of course aggravate, agitate and frustrate over petty issues. The result is that your midweek is incomplete falling into a setback, fall-back, attack or in a cardiac mode. Is it worth it? Why should an emotion create such commotion? My motto is simple - persevere, adhere and remain sincere.

Application Quote

‘Always try to persevere no matter what your emotion is and adhere to your daily agenda irrespective of how your emotions swing. Finally, you need to be sincere with yourself, your employer, your employees and with your family and friends.’

Perseverance is that grit we often don’t acknowledge we have. It is that tenacity to explore your innermost capacity to show veracity. A person that shows veracity is one that is genuine to the core and delivers his or her best despite any setbacks. Adherence is the bloodline of all meritocratic goal setters. They aim to please, they aim to remain at ease rather than freeze when problems appear. This attitude breeds sincerity. Sincerity is such a vital necessity to all meritocratic goal setters. You simply cannot succeed if you are insincere. So, when you assess your workload at the pivotal part of your working week you need to ask yourself why are you procrastinating? Why are you allowing your emotions to create commotions? Why do you assume that procrastinating will change the situation? I say onto you and verily too, don’t procrastinate because it achieves a zero if not negative effect. Don’t procrastinate during your working week, concentrate on the job at hand. If an emotion comes your way clear it with a potion of contemplation. For the sparrows of the sky, the willows of the field and the heroes of the modern world never procrastinate. They get on with it. If you don’t, the tidal wave to self-destruction will be swift and the consequences can shift your hope to despair. When you despair you will feel idle, suicidal and generally spiteful. Idle are those that do not cycle or recycle, idle are those that refuse to read the bible. Suicidal is those like me that do not believe in themselves and in Almighty GOD. Suicidal we are because we choose to live in denial. Spiteful we shall become for spite makes us want to fight, bite, smite, ignite old flames, incite, remain uptight and be impolite. Be brave, always apply the PAS effect in your daily agenda. Persevere, Adhere and be Sincere. Have a peaceful midweek.

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