Saturday 24 September 2016

The Power to Resolve

The Power to Resolve

Quote of the day

‘Bitterness has divided nations and sweetness  have created nations. Sudden confrontations have no foundation, agitation weakens your foundation and temptation always breaks foundations. Arbitration may give you some form of compensation, litigation will have its limitations, sequestration is followed by administration and interrogation often results in incrimination. Why do we waste valuable time when the power to resolve will absolve you and dissolve any nastiness that comes upon you.

implement in Welcome to your wonderful weekend, however weekends can fall apart and turn sweetness into bitterness. I want to talk about ‘The Power to Resolve’, it is a methodology or an application to order maintain a good temperament. Confrontation makes men and women go to battle in vain. History shows this quite clearly. Arguments and unnecessary quarrels have no place in a meritocratic goal setter’s agenda. Agitation makes you worry intensely and makes you immensely sorry later on. Is it worth it? Temptation lures you to your doom like a spider to an insect. Temptation has been our fallacy for so long. Is it worth making the same mistake again and again? Legal disputes often make you end up with a lawsuit that is a long as your arm. DO you really need this in your life? Your life is your greatest asset. As a human-being you have the right to enjoy and to implement your purpose in life and that is to serve. Turning sweetness into bitterness stalls your progress in life. The power to resolve helps you to do just that. Firstly. you need to remember that avoidance is always better than pursuance. Secondly. you need to understand it is better to turn the right cheek when you are in the firing line of a critique. Thirdly you need to stick to your guns. Your agenda governs your day so follow exactly what is written in your agenda. It helps to keep you focussed. Fourthly, never pass judgement on someone else. Don’t be repugnant, reluctant or indignant. Finally, appreciate what little you have in order to avoid depreciating settling in. When you learn to appreciate you will affect a steady growth rate in all that you do. I wish you a wonderful weekend from the bottom of my heart. Take good care.

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