Sunday 25 September 2016



Quote of the day

‘Polarity is a condition that exists in all of us where we exhibit positive and negative characteristics and then have the unique ability to switch from one schism to another. Success in life is about sticking to positive characteristics.’

Welcome to your blessed Sunday whereupon armistice floats like a dandelion amongst the peacemakers and negotiators. It is a day to understand that life is about living it and loving it and to do this effectively we need to remain positive. We all have a polarisation level which we need to administer daily. On one end of the scale, it is the much-needed cause to be positive. On the other end of the scale, we have the much undesirable cause and that is to be negative. Most of us sit on the zero scale waiting to peak to a positive level when things are working out according to plan. Sadly, we often peak to the negative level during the course of our day and usually the result is an accomplished day.  Today I want to tell you how important it is to maintain a positive level at all times and to avoid sitting in the neutral zone. What are our positive attributes and why do we so easily sway to a negative attitude? To be positive in any single given moment you need to be Happy, Optimistic, Progressive and Encouraging. This is referred to as the HOPE Effect. As you can see HOPE stands for Happy, Optimistic, Progressive and Encouraging. Happy individuals are always governed by their well-orchestrated and planned agenda. They remain blissful at heart because they are doing what they want to do. As a result, they remain optimistic even when things don’t work out according to plan. In other words, they cater for setbacks. They remain confident about themselves and like an athlete they train and learn new techniques daily. Such a mind-set makes these individuals progressive. They have accomplished and fulfilling working weeks and climb the ladder of success inch by inch. They are encouraged by the day before and yearn to learn to make tomorrow even better. They look at their lives over a period of time and set attainable targets. My motivation to you today is to train hard each day to maintain a positive attitude. You need to learn how to switch from one polar condition to another. Let me illustrate by example. Where there is lust in your heart you need to turn it around to love. This requires constant practice. Where there is hate in your blood purify it with constant practice and training to greater love. Where there is pain polarise it to pleasure with positive gain. Where there is doubt switch it to certainty. Polarise anger to calm, jealously to trust, sickness to wellness, overweight to the perfect weight, debt to riches, poverty to wealth, hunger to surfeit, enemies to friends, intolerance to tolerance, impatience to patience, frailty to stamina, procrastination to immediate action, weakness to determination, disbelief to faith, insincerity to sincerity, malice to kindness, war to peace, misfortune to fortune, impiety to devotion and cowardice to courage. You got to try your level best to remain in the positive zone come rain or storm.

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