Thursday 29 September 2016

93 days to the end of the year

93 days to the end of the year

Quote of the day

’93 is an important number and therefore we should use it as a prime motivator to our success. 93 a significant number in Thelema, it is a lucky number, an idoneal number, a cake number, a Blum integer, the atomic number of neptunium and it is 93 days before the start of 2017.’

Welcome to the penultimate day of September 2016. It is wonderful to grace your presence on this inspirational channel and to embrace your enthusiasm. With just 93 days to go before 2017 I think because of the importance of the number 93 we should gear ourselves to make significant changes in our lives. What are the changes that come to mind for yourself and for your family? Prosperity is always first and foremost. What about other things like Sincerity, Popularity, Austerity, Charity, Equality and Dexterity or simply called SPACED.

Application Quote

‘To make 2017 your year of change I suggest trying to be SPACED. These new attributes made up of Sincerity, Popularity, Austerity, Charity, Equality and Dexterity can really make a difference to your entire life.’

Sincerity in a meritocratic individual has about been candour. It is the quality of an individual that is made up of honesty and genuineness. Popularity is the iconic way forward. It creates attractiveness around you and as people see you they recognise you as a key player in the world of progress. Austerity plays a pivotal role in one’s success. It demonstrates your seriousness and self-discipline in the subject matter at hand. Charity does begin at home but also extends beyond your home. It demonstrates your spontaneous kindness and compassion to the weak and meek. Equality is the right of every human being. No one should be deprived of a life of equality. No one should discriminate, berate, frustrate, dictate, segregate, retaliate or dominate another human being. Dexterity is the building blocks to prosperity. Most of us don’t realise this. We all need to develop our skills with a positive will and be fulfilled at the end of it. With just 93 more days before 2017, I urge you to be SPACED. Don’t put Prosperity first but try to be sincere, popular, austere, charitable, Equal and dexterous. Have a wonderful evening. Travel back in time to the 1st of September 2016. Read my articles again to rekindle that glow you found in them.

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