Monday 12 September 2016

The Power to Achieve and to Receive – Part 2

The Power to Achieve and to Receive – Part 2

Quote of the day

‘It is quite hard to become an Achiever for the competition out there outweighs its recognition. Today I want to tell you that it is not actually hard if you are willing to become a Receiver first. As a Receiver you immediately set out on a mission with a strict condition and that has no inhibition, no exhibition, no disposition, no omission and no contradiction. Your ambition in life will always be to Receive before you can Achieve.’

Welcome to Tuesday, the 13th of September 2016 with expected highs of 32°C making it a day to always remember. It is quite unusual to experience temperatures like this during September, nevertheless let us all make the most of it. How are you? Did you celebrate your anniversary recently, if so I wish you a wonderful and happy Anniversary and all the best for the years to come? Life is wonderful and so are you, every one of you, in fact all 7 billion of you. Sometimes we tend to assume that we are failures rather than successors. Today I want to tell you quite openly and amicably too that you are indeed a successor and certainly not a failure. You have the power to succeed no matter at what level your financial status us. If you are heavily in debt don’t worry because you can turn it around. I call it ‘The Divisible Formation’, more about that later. If you are unwell you can turn your life around too. I call this ‘The Inseparable Formation.’ More about all of these important tools, keywords, magic words and inspirational books later on. Do you feel that you are not an achiever? If so, think again. Think about that light bulb moment when you wanted to climb the ladder of success. No one called you a failure then, including yourself. Before you can take the next step you need to ensure that your ladder stands firmly on the ground. This is what I call Receiving. It is a Science of knowing without glowing. It is the Science of knowing by also showing. It is also the Science of knowing that activates a flowing trend within you.

Bonus Quote

‘Receiving is a Science of knowing without glowing. It is a Science of knowing by also showing. It is also the Science of knowing that activates a flowing trend within you.’

Let me explain. The Science of knowing without glowing is such an important step on the ladder to succeed. Many of us that want to achieve but do not want to receive will always climb the ladder of success quickly. They want the world to see the glow that they have. Receiving is actually a Science of knowing and also by showing. In order to succeed you need to receive blessings. You need to be blessed by our Heavenly Father, by your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your children, your friends and families. You need to receive knowledge on how to start, how to continue and how to end. Without such knowledge your progress will always be in vain. As you make a gallant start you need to impart knowledge too. This is a very humane feat that gains you immediate credits in heaven. Such credits make you a good person with a good heart. Such a person will flow liberally into the deep valley of success. Here success is eternal because you can see it, success is also internal because you can feel it and success is recorded in your journal so that you can read it. Dear Friends, the power to Receive gives you the Power to Achieve. You simply cannot Achieve without Receiving first. This is why there is so much of suffering and sadness in the world. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Have a wonderful day.

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