Monday 19 September 2016



Quote of the day

‘CROPS stands for Collectively, Respectively, Objectively, Protectively and Selectively. Like CROPS of the field you need to be able produce a vital annual yield, each harvest that you bring to the table must be of sound quality.’

A very hearty welcome to the start of a new working week. It is grand to grace your presence today and may I wish you well. Today I would like to explore the power word called CROPS. I use it often to remind myself of the promise that I made at the beginning of the year. I promised myself that I will execute a series of goals before the end of 2016. These goals will be accomplished and fulfilled unselfishly. To do this I always apply the power word called CROPS. CROPS stands for Collectively, Respectively, Objectively, Protectively and Selectively. Collectively is about working as a team to make dreams come true. Go it alone and you may soon get tired. Work in a group and you will find the right equation to make problems disappear. Problems always appear like clouds in the sky. You need to be strong so that problems can slowly evaporate. Respectively is about doing one thing at a time. Focus on your agenda but always learn to divide and conquer. Set aside time slots for specific jobs and do it ardently when the time arrives. Objectively is about exercising professionalism in all that you do. You need to be neutral and relatively accurate. Protectively reminds us of the reason to love, the reason to care, the reason to share and the reason to be fair. The art of Selectively reminds us to be alert and vigilant. Trouble comes in all shapes and sizes. As you sow you shall reap. Beware of those that wait in shady corners to distract you. Be aware of danger or of the stranger and of common jealously or devilry. Dear Friends, think CROPS like the farmer from dawn to dusk and you shall see an increase in your input to achieve a steady output. I wish you an accomplished and fulfilled working week.

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