Monday 5 September 2016

Failure vs Success

Failure vs Success

Quote of the day

‘The real difference between success and failure is that success can make you weary of failing and failure can often make you dreary that you will never succeed. The two plausible entities can often be likened to mood swings. One moment you are in a good mood and the next you sway into a bad mood. Permanence in one state comes from your own belief.’

A very happy welcome to the start of a new working week. Greetings and salutations form us all here in good old London Town. Many people confuse success by trying to emulate the success of other people. What is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. Individual success is based on individual triumph in a niche area. If you have accomplished something in your area of expertise, then you are a winner. A farmer is a winner if his or her yield produces the best crops at the right time based on demand and the fertilisation of the right farmland. A person that plants corn in their backyard may feel accomplished at the end of it but if he or she produces too much of corn and then discards most of it, will that count as a success story. The Farmer is always aware of setbacks. Although last year’s yield has made them successful there is no guarantee that this year’s yield will be the same. Therefore, a weary farmer will always have the failure syndrome at the back of his or her mind. A cheery farmer on the other hand caters for bad weather, changes in price indices, competition, policies and regulations, personal risks, employment issues, financial risks and diseases. Too much of the wrong input can yield the wrong output and conversely too little of the right input can yield catastrophe. Dear Friends, in any niche area of your expertise you need to be positive, alert and vigilant. You need to observe trends, you need to set trends and sometimes you may have to follow trends. You need to depend on the right friends, you need to mend a broken heart and a broken link. You need to end feuds and send messages of love. You need to blend with the crowd and bend backwards to accommodate the crowds. You should never pretend that you are successful, you should attend to a mishap, you need to commend you employees and recommend your adversaries. You need to comprehend your role in life, you need to extend your hand to help and you need to switch off from your daily grind at the weekend. Constant success is possible if you focus on the above endorsements. Failure will occur if you follow illogical proposals.  There is no real need to reinvent the wheel when your success is at stake. You need to believe in yourself wholeheartedly. You need to believe in your fellowmen and women and you need to believe in Almighty GOD who watches over you daily. Do this daily and you will musk up the correct concept to remain successful, have a wonderful working week ahead of you.

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