Saturday 3 September 2016

The Best in you

The Best in you

Quote of the weekend

‘Deliver your best whether it is downriver or upriver. Be a giver in the same mannerism as you are a receiver. Exercise constant punctuality, neutrality, a good mentality and a good sense of morality.’

A very warm welcome to all of you on the first weekend of September 2016, I hope and pray that you are well. It is good to grace your presence on this inspirational channel that I created several years ago. When I wrote my book way back in 1994, I did not realise that I would gather a list of wonderful friends for life that will read and enjoy my works. Writing to inspire is one thing but writing to motivate is another. Most Authors sit on your shelf. I wanted to be like an elf that sprinkled your imagination with inspiration. To achieve this 20 years ago was not easy. The internet was at its infancy and all I could continue to do was to teach my students on a one to one basis. It was important for me reach out and touch the hearts of wonderful people out there in all corners of the world. Now the internet has matured into a colosseum of knowledge and a corridor of wisdom. Today my readership is growing by the day and now I inspire daily and motivate hourly. My aim is to give back to the world what I was given from the world. The world is a biosphere of hope and an ecosphere of opportunities. I was given hope and I was given opportunities, now I want to give it back to you in an unselfish way. I want you to understand that you need to deliver your best whether it is downstream or upstream. When darkness surrounds you I will be there like a beacon to guide you to better visibilities and better possibilities. When you are bogged down I will be there like a Jetstream of new ideas to change your temperament and to make you more benevolent. I will guide you daily to exercise constant punctuality, neutrality, a good mentality and a good sense of morality. Punctuality makes you reliable, neutrality makes you justifiable, a good mentality makes you likeable and a sense of morality makes you lovable. Dear Friends, let us take the next 27 days and turn them into towering infernos of inspiration. Let there be light to overcome the darkness. Let there be hope to help you to cope. Let there be happiness when you feel a sense of sadness. Let there be friends when enemies confront you. Let there be love when hate torments you. Let a smile make you go the extra mile and let the angels fill your heart with content and value. Let there be no pain anymore. Let children of our world go to bed with the courage to get up and enjoy their world once again. Let there be no fear and no tear in the face of a child. Let sickness, weakness and grimness be overcome with richness, fitness and kindness. Always deliver your best whether it is downriver or upriver. GOD watches over you as he watched over me. Love your life and live it fully. Love your weekend and enjoy every second of it.

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