Friday 2 September 2016

Daily Banking

Daily Banking

Quote of the Day

‘Never bank on probabilities. Always be frank about your needs and then start on a blank canvas to crank your first application and that usually is your first step.’

A lot of us veer into the unknown because we tend to emulate others rather than follow our own instincts. We want to copy the millionaires in order to become millionaires and after a period of time we find that we failed. Why? We failed because we emulated. I say onto you and verily too, don’t emulate but rather contemplate. Never bank on probabilities. Probabilities have their attached responsibilities. To every requirement in life there is a responsibility. If the requirement is not your own, then the attached responsibility can lead to hostility and vulnerability. On the other hand, if the requirement is your very own and that it comes from your heart then the attached responsibility can lead to agreeability and enhance your credibility. When we emulate we veer our intentions without proper planning and understanding. If you do not understand what to do you cannot plan. However, when we contemplate our intentions on the right requirement based on our very own judgement we are able to plan and understand the responsibilities attached to it. There is no harm in having a Rolls Royce, but the real question is, do you really want it or are you emulating someone else. A Rolls Royce is a very luxurious car and holds a high price tag. Having or owning a Rolls Royce requires a huge amount of responsibility. If it is something that you really want, then you need to contemplate on the methodology of acquiring such an expensive car. Here you need to be frank with yourself. Is it feasible, is it reasonable, is it achievable, is it sustainable and more importantly is it enjoyable. Can it provide you with a daily rendering of enjoyment? If so, then you may proceed. If not, then think again and again. With every gain in life there will be pain. The use of the word pain in this instance implies the workload needed to achieve your goal. It all starts on a blank canvas, and slowly and surely you need to etch onto this canvas a plan of action. Tallied with patience such a plan will work but there will be work involved. Work can make you tired and discomforted. Are you willing to go all the way? Remember you are expending your time and your money therefore you cannot waste it. Inspiration and motivation generally cranks up the volume and when you realise that you took your first step to real success you will want to take the next. Dear Friends, whatever your requirement in is life you can achieve it using a simple but logical process called Daily Banking. Every piece of your plan involves daily work. Each workload sheds an accumulation of banking. Today you might have worked hard enough to own the first wheel nut of your dream car. If you have hold onto to it. Put it in your bank because it is just a matter of time before you could own all 16 wheel nuts. What follows later is the wheels, the chassis, the engine, the paint, the upholstery, the colour, the model and finally the keys. Do you really need it, if so plant the first seed of confidence today? If you don’t need don’t discard the seed of aspiration. Place it on hold. Inspirational Seeds like natural seeds last a lifetime. When inspiration pours onto seed it starts the germination process. Start banking today and build on it for tomorrow. Work your way to a world of success and discard the failures that you might have incurred. Failures in life are like paying interest on loans. Once paid you realise how painful they really were. Success in life is like paying no interest on anything, just your continued interest to succeed. Success makes you realise how painless life can become. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls focus on your daily workload.  At the end of it you would have achieved something worth more than gold and that is the accomplishment and fulfilment of your very own goal.

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