Monday 26 September 2016

Always remember, never forget

Always remember, never forget

Quote of the day

‘The loss of a loved one is a very hollow feeling that one could possibly experience in life. To help you cope with such an extreme loss you need to follow on with constant remembrance. Remembrance is a transcendence feeling that helps you to cope with renewed hope. It helps you to deal with acceptance and repentance.’

A very, very blessed welcome to the start of your new working week and of course the final working week of September 2016. Did you have a wonderful and restful weekend? Did you manage to slumber into a world of relaxation and happiness? I hope and pray that my inspirational articles have helped you along your journey to success. Weekends to me are very important recurring events in my life.  Firstly, it precedes a working week and therefore it gives me a unique opportunity to prepare, remain fair, delete the weekday nightmares, repair any flaws and attend to my underwear, knitwear, footwear, neckwear and a bit of skincare. It also follows on form the previous working week and thereby enables me to assess my progress and to address my stress, if any. Today marks the 80th birthday of my Mum who passed away unexpectedly 22 years ago. Her passing away was the foundation to Universally Friendly. In the past 22 years ,she has taught me new things and to remember old things. She has helped to cope with renewed hope and has given me a new vocation in life and that is to care, share and remain fair. She has helped me to understand the meaning of life and brought me closer to my spirituality and away from my vanity. Over the years I can safely say that I improved my personality, adjusted my mentality, comprehended my morality and focus on my immortality. We all experience the loss of a loved and such an experience can be quite lonely, empty, emotional and repenting. Remembrance has helped me to overcome loneliness, emptiness, emotions and repentance. Remembrance helped me to recollect those wonderful years that we shared together. Remembrance always carried me on a journey of transcendence. It helped me to understand my purpose in life and of course my purpose in the cosmos. Suddenly I knew answers to everything and these answers helped me to become logical, chronological and ideological. Logical because I was able to understand the meaning of life and how and why it started. Chronologically I was able to piece the making of the Universe and to understand the diversity and complexity of particles that make up the cosmos. Ideological because I suddenly wanted to help others in the same way I was helped 22 years ago. So, like Gregory Peck once said that to cope with a loss of someone is extremely difficult but over time you learn to cope and move on. You look to someone for comfort like your spouse and you become more spiritual because the meaning of life is about continuance. Remembrance has helped me to understand acceptance. Acceptance is about belief. With acceptance, you develop the confidence to move on and the trust to carry on. You get assigned an angel for the rest of your life by acknowledgement. Suddenly you are on top of the world. You could walk the mountains and the animals will not trouble you. You could walk the streets and the people will respect you. You could walk the journey of life and feel accomplished and fulfilled at each stopover. Dear Friends, it is a wonderful experience to learn about acceptance but also to understand about repentance. With your permission, I would like to dedicate an article about Repentance tomorrow. I would openly like to thank my mum for her sacrifice and for sharing a spiritual relationship with me for the past 22 years. As she holds onto my hands I am here to hold your hands to guidance and to overcome subsidence. Have a wonderful working week. Aim for your best and deliver only your best and nothing more.

Application Quote

‘Always aim to deliver your best and nothing more. Don’t be subjected to deliver more than your best.’

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