Wednesday 28 September 2016

Science or Religion

Science or Religion

Quote of the day

‘Science is the faculty of inquisition. Religion is the faculty of intuition. Science uses a spiritual platform to make its inquisition. Religion is the spiritual platform that enables Scientists to become intuitive.’

Greetings and salutations to all my friends from around the world on this splendid midweek, the last one of September 2016. As promised I write this amazing article for your perusal and extrapolation which I thought about whilst travelling on a bus to work.  It helped me to focus on my life and how I can use my life to make a difference to the world. I believe since 1994, that we are all here for a purpose and that purpose is to serve our Heavenly Father by caring, sharing and remaining fair. I also believe that we are here for a set period of time lasting for 100 years, thereby making our life on Earth precious and golden. Although Science has explored the avenues of conjecture Religion has created the architecture of the living world. Science is about equations whereas Religion is about relations. Science is about speculation, Religion Is about jubilation. Science creates hypothesises about everything that confuses people, Religion provides consciousness that give confidence to people everywhere. Science has just scratched the surface of knowledge -  Religion gives you a purpose in life with profound knowledge. Science assumes a cure -  Religion provides a cure. Science is impure – Religion is always pure. Science creates new theories like Evolution and new ideologies like Revolutions and Retributions. Religion provides Restitution, Absolution and perfect solutions to ALL your dilemmas. Science is not about caring, sharing and remaining fair, if it was then extreme situations like pollution, revolution, prostitution and execution will not exist. Religion is about caring, sharing and remaining fair. It is about purity, surety and divinity. Science always contradicts, inflicts pain through power, creates conflicts with people through greed and restricts fairness amongst all. Religion does not contradict, inflict pain, create conflicts and never restricts people from living a life of equality. Science creates technology to assist you during your day but charges you the earth to use it. Religion is actually a divine study called Theology to assist you in the material and spiritual world and it is free to use. Dear Friends, you need to understand your purpose in life in order to enjoy your life on Earth. Such a purpose is humane and offers no real pain but an incredible amount to gain. For your humane efforts you shall be ordained with the greatest rewards in heaven. Science or Religion? Use Science as a platform to alleviate the burden of your day and nothing more. Use Religion as your only platform to contemplate and meditate on your next decision, your next action and your next thought. Have a wonderful evening. Take good care and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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