Sunday 4 September 2016

September Stimulations

September Stimulations

For your continued friendship I offer the following new Quotes for you to decipher and extrapolate. These Quotes have been targeted to individuals that lose faith instantly and fall to pieces thereafter. Nothing can be worse than losing your dignity and gaining zero sympathy. Nothing can be worse than feeling a sense of apathy and gaining maximum vanity. Today I want to reignite your innermost passion and desire and uplift your spirits to inform you of possibilities to create a solid platform of opportunities.

Quote 1

Failure Vs Success

‘The real difference between success and failure is that success can make you weary of failing and failure can often make you dreary that you will never succeed. The two plausible entities can often be likened to mood swings. One moment you are in a good mood and the next you sway into a bad mood. Permanence in one state comes from your own belief.’

Quote 2

Spiritual Importance

‘To lose something that is materialistic is of little importance but to lose something that is spiritualistic is of great importance.’

Quote 3

Tears for Fears

‘The only way to confront your fears is to look back over your earthly years of painful tears. Like a compere you need to piece together what is unclear, what was severe, why did you not persevere, were you insincere, did you have a poor financial year, did someone smear your character with malice and deceit or did you fail to adhere to basic principles to succeed.’

Quote 4

Hope to despair

 ‘The tidal wave to self-destruction is often swift and the consequences can shift your hope to despair making you feel idle, suicidal and generally spiteful.’

Quote 5

Devastation or Preservation

‘Devastation is not the recommendation to long term success. Devastation leads to destruction of the natural and material world. It leads to the disintegration of society, the contamination of purity and divinity and the deterioration of the grandeur and splendour of life itself. What is needed is Preservation in order to achieve organisation, receive visualisation, to perceive information and to receive inspiration and motivation.’

Quote 6

Fantasy or Reality

‘Never spend valuable nights dreaming about fantasy, every night should be reserved for dreaming about reality, actuality, prosperity, longevity, possibilities and opportunities.’

Quote 7

Your Attitude to the Magnitude of life

‘To live a life of solitude makes you often misunderstand your attitude to life itself. Life is about exercising a multitude of daily tasks laid down from the advent of man. From the longitude to the latitude of the circle of life we need to demonstrate gratitude to others, appreciate the magnitude of life and to exercise a level of rectitude that others will notice and follow.’

Try to decipher these Quotes and then compare them with the purport that follows in the next seven days. I am here to help you in the same way that help was given to me. I tasted the bitterness of life from a young age and today I spend my remaining days on Earth enjoying the sweetness of life. So, when you feel depressed look no further. I am here to alleviate your depression and provide you with answers, tools and with the providence of life itself. If someone told you that tomorrow will be better for you, would that make you feel good. What if I was to tell you that I shall hold your hand from tomorrow, literally speaking and guide you into the realms of success. I will drape your wardrobe with the apparel of fortune and shape your future with the making of a successful individual. I will help you to become debt free, live a life that is carefree, to make you go on a regular shopping spree and to be free from harm. I want you to start tomorrow with confidence and end your working week with competence and without the usual interference. Have a wonderful day.

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