Sunday, 31 August 2014


If you are aware of an infliction then I say quite openly try to set out a prediction and then follow on with a conviction. Let me explain, let us assume that you are overweight and acknowledge the symptoms of being overweight such as breathlessness. This constitutes your infliction. Now we need a prediction. Prediction is a forecast of what you would want to be in a given time. Perhaps with motivation you decide to set a time frame of 6 months to realistically lose weight. This is what I call a personal prognostication. It is your determination and mind-set that is needed to get the job done. This is applicable to any infliction such as debt, redundancy, unemployment, illness, obesity, abuse any of the setbacks you experience. What comes next is your conviction. Conviction is a firm and ardent belief in yourself. It is about acknowledging that you are important. Yes, not only important to yourself but to the whole chemistry of life itself. It is about being confident about your prediction. It is about having the passion, the desire and sincerity to make an infliction a total eviction. Many of you may say but my debts are surmounting, what I can do tomorrow or the day after when payments are due or long overdue. Payments are just figures and figures are divisible. You need to predict a more overall view and make a divisible contribution. Creditors are waiting to listen to you and admire your determination to be sincere, honest and committed. So, if you owe a staggering amount of say £2000 pounds to a set individual, speak to them and offer to pay this amount over the next 24months. This is where your conviction plays a critical role. So before you start any new month exercise IPC.

Quote of the day

‘IPC is as important as say BMI, GDP or GM Foods. IPC helps you to start each month by identifying the previous month’s Inflictions. With an anticipated Prediction and a full Conviction you can steer clear off all your troubles.’

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