Thursday 28 August 2014

The Power of Imagination

Quote of the day: ‘Imagination stands for – Inspiration Makes All Goals, Innovative, Nurturing And Testimonial, Internally, Outwardly or Naturally.’

Dear Friends we sometimes ignore the incredible power of our mind and the ability that we constantly have to imagine the best in us rather than the worst in us that people often make us to believe. With Imagination we can conquer our goals. With Imagination we can test drive our future goals before we can commit to them. With Imagination we can calm the storms, rise above all obstacles, meet challenges ahead and rivet our good deeds for the common good. Imagination is an incredible force that can transform your temperament into one of elation, tranquillity, pleasure and sheer excitement.

With Imagination you can be want you want to be. You can be the best in any field. Imagination makes you sample the stardom of success and makes you realise what you can really achieve. With Imagination there is no boundaries. If you are altruistic in your thoughts than the outcome of your venture or goal will always yield the best dividend. Time is your greatest asset and with managed time from dawn to dusk you can make Imagination reality. You can, I know because I have unleashed this power from within and made it manifest into my desires and passions. Using the word IMAGINATION, a twelve letter word with many potent meanings can help you to unleash your power of achievement and fulfilment. If you believe in yourself than then the concept is simple. If you do not believe in yourself then you need to address this first. Let us look at the twelve letters that make up the word IMAGINATION.

  •               The Letter I stands for Inspiration
  •          The Letter M stands for Makes
  •          The Letter A stands for All
  •          The Letter G stands for Goals
  •          The Letter I stands for Innovative
  •          The Letter N stands for Nurturing
  •          The Letter A stands for And
  •          The Letter T stands for Testimonial
  •          The Letter I stands for Internally
  •          The Letter O stands for Outwardly
  •          The Letter N stands for Naturally

Each word in this acronym creates a powerful sentence which we shall explore in a few moments and the sentence is: Inspiration Makes All Goals, Innovative, Nurturing And Testimonial, Internally, Outwardly or Naturally.’

Inspiration stimulates us to think big and to become the person we dream about. Inspiration is like a stimulus and if stimulated from the right source will provoke you to think big. Gaining Inspiration from me daily helps you to become motivated. Goals are created from your Inspiration. These could be big goals or little ones, it does not really matter. What really matters is that you are ready to believe in yourself and change your entire lifestyle. Inspiration helps you to collectively create possible desires and passions to evoke you to become successful, happy and prosperous. Innovation is about you and the originality of your goals. You cannot mimic the mind-set of someone else but can be inspired to do similar. Nurturing is about developing your goals slowly but surely. Goals do not manifest themselves overnight, they grow like saplings bursting out of the soil bed below. Testimonials are a confirmation and acknowledgement between you and your goals. You cannot execute a goal without having the honour to enjoy it or to be recommended to it. You have to have ardent passion and overwhelming desire to make dreams come true. This starts of as an Imagination. Internally relates to you and what your mind explores and what your heart feels contented with. Outwardly is the external factors that become affected when you create a goal. All goals do manifest into something therefore your goal when manifested will be alive, radiant and exposed to the outside world. Naturally is something that is obvious and logical. You cannot muster up a goal that is illogical or surprising. You cannot for these surmount to wasted time and foolish grime. Unleash your Imagination and make a change for the rest of your life 

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