Tuesday 19 August 2014

Don’t worry, do not feel sorry. Do not hurry or scurry, just latch onto the Word of GOD.

Quote of the day: ‘Good day to you Dear Friends and if you feel a little depressed today, lacking hope to cope and lacking the will to live, fear not for life lasts forever and ever but sufferings will last just for a while.’

We often latch onto the wrong leverage for support. We think if we worry then there will be a trolley of wishful helpers waiting to aid our sorrow. If we feel sorry then perhaps a lorry of wishful thinkers will come forward and rescue us. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you need to latch onto a firmer grip and that is in the Word of GOD. Who else can you ask but me, the person penning this article to enrich your soul with the feel-good of life and the maker of dreams come true. I tasted the bitterness of life like many other people too. Celebrities too that you adore had their difficult moments. Kelsey Grammer admits to a difficult childhood loosing so many family members tragically. Sylvester Stallone will tell you of his homelessness openly. Jennifer Lopez admits being homeless too whilst Daniel Craig remembers those difficult days simply because he did have money. Money is by far the most common denominator to all our dilemmas. It convicts our judgement and it manipulates our prejudgement. I want to tell you that money is not the problem but rather the will to create it instead. We often get misled when we see success in the face of other people. What we need to do is to find out what we really need in life first. If you are homeless, don’t be ashamed for I was homeless on many occasions. If you are penniless, fear not for I too have been without a penny at hand. If you feel that you want to end your life, rebuke from those thoughts. I was very suicidal and today I am very much alive. The wheel is round and you have reached the circumference of your life at the point where it hurts. The wheel of your life is constantly turning and you need to decide to make a change. All good things can last forever but all bad things will only last for a while. Whatever your predicament is there is a solution waiting for you. Download my free eBook and make a start to changing your life. I was touched by The Word of GOD in a breath-taking revelation that changed my life for the common good. The Word is your aperture to make changes. Don’t let the indenture of failure stick with you, remove them right away. Breakaway from fear, or a sudden tear, bear the burden of your load, beware of the jugglers of words that pretend to help using catch phrases and salesmanship to lure you, don’t despair be like the birds that fly and fly, don’t fall in a common snare and be abused for no reason at all, don’t be dazzled by the glare that lures you to overnight success. Just tally along, regroup, identify your needs, build up your spirit, encourage your desires and passions and carry The Word of GOD. GOD is good, always remember that. Man is bad, always be weary of that. Trust Almighty GOD, trust no one else but yourself. Carry your TAG of courage and hope wherever you go. TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. Read my blog each day for new inspiration and constant motivation. You can do it, I know because I did it. I tasted the bitterness of life in order to appreciate the sweetness of it. Go well Dear Friends and do well each day.

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