Wednesday 20 August 2014

Search, Research and then Perch

Quote of the day: ‘To lessen the side effects of bad decisions I suggest following three basic principles: Search, then research and finally perch. It is as simple as that.

Tomorrow holds an incredible amount of surprises, some small and some quite colossal and some rather damaging. Life is about learning, as we learn we become educated. Education makes us cultured in our mannerism, in our persona and in our role as unselfish human beings. Education is not about glorification but rather edification. Glorification is about self-adoration and self-praise and about receiving money and lots of it for your achievements. This is not the principle priority of education. Edification on the other hand is about self-improvement, it is also about enlightenment. It is about gaining explanation and insight into the concept of life and how to exercise your given role. It is about learning and also about teaching onto others what you have learned. It is about following instructions correctly and adhering to fundamental principles, principles that govern planetary movements, principles that make certain atoms combine with each other and with different other atoms. Education is certainly not about obfuscation. It is not meant to keep you in the dark. It is not meant to mystify you. Education is about clarification, it is about knowing right from wrong. Most of us do not realise this and consequently make drastic mistakes, in other words we make all the wrong decisions. Making wrong decisions ultimately makes a wrong turn in your life and subsequently yielding the wrong outcome. You know what I mean and to exemplify this I list some wrong decisions below as an example:
  • You feel disappointed at the quality and quantity of the food you receive at a popular restaurant.
  • You are equally disappointed when you visit your Bed and Breakfast to find out that the rooms are unclean and full of cobwebs.
  • You bought the wrong vehicle, only to find out that if you waited a few more days you could have got a better deal.
The above lists some of the many consequences of bad decision making. Regretfully we are making it all the time and in some instances we are making bad decisions on a daily basis. To lessen the effect of bad decision making I suggest the following three steps: 
  • You need to make a thorough search of what you really need.
  • From this find do a further research to establish whether you are making the right decision or not.
  • Finally you then need to perch, in other words you have to make the final decision by settling on your researched data. 
Let us assume that you chose to visit Belgium for a few days and needed to find an affordable accommodation. There are various search engines for you to try so let the search begin. In your search tactics try to narrow your find based on your budget and your preferences. This constitutes your 1st step which is Search. Next, do the research. Researching is about finding out reviews about your hotel or bed and breakfast. It is about investigating the good reviews and comparing it to the bad reviews. It is about exploring your options. You haven’t made any decisions as yet, search and research is your 1st steps towards making the right decision. Constantly ask questions by studying the available data and by examining facts displayed in front of you. Seen enough, well now it is time to make the decision, in other words it is time to perch the appropriate action, a big fat no or a maybe yes. Look how decision making revolves around patience. Dear Friends, I certainly would not want you to land flat on your face with the wrong decision, I want you to make solid decision, a decision that you could be proud of. Try it, you got absolutely nothing to lose. 

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