Wednesday 27 August 2014

Integration is better than Segregation

Quote of the day: ‘Integration brings together both men and women into an amalgamation of harmony and humane activities. Integration does not recognises colour but rather acknowledges culture and creed. Segregation is the antonym. Segregation takes both men and women and identifies them according to colour, wealth and class. It destroys the concept of harmony and makes people more inhumane.’

Integration goes back to the beginning of time. Integration holds the key to men and women’s ideologies and responsibilities. Integration combines ideologies and responsibilities into profitable workloads and allows the participants to live a happier and contented life based on equality and longevity. Integration makes human beings of all ages and gender realise their responsibilities and makes them get up at the break of dawn to carry on with their daily tasks in a harmonising fashion. Equality is about fairness but takes into account individual needs and therefore allows humans to make choices based on their needs. They may chose a vocation according to their personal desires and passions and choose similarly their vacation according to their desires and passions. Human Beings are not meant to be greedy and take what is necessary for their needs to ensure that they remain comfortable, warm and prosperous.

Segregation on the other hand is evidently a menacing tool that exhibits the converse of Integration. It separates people into anger, violence, destruction and corruption. It classifies people according to colour, religion, creed, culture, class and politics. It makes people greedy and tangles the concept of harmonisation. History holds a macabre almanac of segregationists from all corners of the globe and carries a trademark in modern times. Segregation is here, it is there and it is everywhere. Segregation makes humans inhuman. Segregation will certainly not render equality and longevity. Segregation is isolation as once practised in Southern Africa in the form of Apartheid. Many human beings both past and present have faced horrific conditions to live in and to grow in.

Dear Friends, I say onto you, believe in yourself and believe in your existence. Believe in Almighty GOD and believe in the value of life. Don’t judge another human being and don’t hold a grudge for these qualities have zero values. Don’t classify people according to their ideologies but most certainly pacify them for their trials and tribulations. Don’t mock them for their appearance but rather stock them for the paraphernalia that they so deservedly need. Don’t shout out anger to them or doubt their presence or clout your way onto them. Love all and never loathe a single one. This should be your daily motto and when the Sun shines soak up the need to live and the love to exhibit. Do these things from today and watch how clear the sound of nature will beckon its way deep into your heart and latch onto your soul.

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