Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Past, the Present and the Future

Dear Friends, thank you ever so much for reading this article which in a sense was an article that I received when I tapped into the Extranet almost 20 years ago. I was in a state of flux. I was 35 years of age, lost all my assets as a result of a bad decision and consequently became almost suicidal, penniless and homeless. I was destitute without a direction or a plan. Exactly 4 hours after my Mum so mysteriously passed away I received a revelation which changed my life for the future. I asked questions and I got answers. I asked questions about the past and I learned about the past. I learned about The Creation, about The Lord and about His presence on Earth, about The Garden of Eden, about UFOs and aliens. I received answers that were breath-taking for I had travelled back in time by tapping into The Extranet. I learned about the present too and wondered about my existence. I wondered about my purpose, my goals, my family and the world at large. I wondered what would happened if I took my life selfishly. I knew that there will be a void in The Universe and that void would have to be replaced by someone else. Therefore I decided to become unselfish and live an altruistic life. Learning about the Past made me realise how important I was in the chemistry of life and that I needed to live on and to fulfil and accomplish my duties. I needed to live with the concept of love and to love to live. I needed to set newer goals that were unselfish and to aim for a better and more relaxed lifestyle. This then constituted my future. I had a new and revised plan and I stuck to it. I followed the instructions as per the instructions laid out on the Extranet. You see I tapped into The Universe or The Extranet. We all use The Internet or internally at work The Intranet but we fail to realise that The Extranet is there waiting for us to extract information from it. The Extranet is GOD’s database for man or woman to use unselfishly when needed. GOD is good and has a definite plan for you. I worked diligently using my plan based on my personal needs from The Universe. As the years went by my abilities became better and therefore I wrote my experiences in life for others to use in a similar way, to enhance their abilities and to reach the pinnacle of their own success. The content of my written work was extensive and therefore I decided to separate it into 3 books collectively called The Modern Day Trilogy. If you are seeking a better lifestyle and conclusive answers to so many questions that remain a conjecture for so long, I strongly recommend reading The Modern Day Trilogy and more importantly to have me as your friend that motivates and inspires you on a daily basis. Thank you once again for reading this article and I pray that it will trigger you to take action to live a life that is more purposeful and more abundant. I am now the pilot of my own vehicle destined for a brighter and happier future. Join me on a journey of total prosperity, a journey that will last here on Earth for 100 years.

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