Monday 18 August 2014

Happiness is energy and energy is dynamism

Happiness is energy and energy is dynamism. Dynamism drives you do better and to get the job done. Lack of such power and inspiration can create the opposite effect. Do you feel exactly that way when you return home from work? It is all about revitalising or reenergising your vigour, it is about constantly thinking happy to be happy. Now we all know that other people will buffer your happy zone. They will nudge you to become less happy and more agitated. They will meet you in the corridor or on the pavement or maybe on the road. They often look at you as an obstacle and need to get you out of the way. They also look at you as an escape goat to let off steam rather than bottle it up within themselves. You can identify distraction quite easily. Distraction is dressed in a face of rage, in a suit of contempt and in a pair of shoes that leaves a trace of malice behind. This is where you need to step in. By identifying the cause of your sudden disruption to happiness you need to apply your dynamism. Dynamism is drive and drive motivates the next person to get-up-and-go. You need to show by example. You need to express your happiness by releasing it so that your adversary thinks before they actually stink with regret. Let us imagine the start of tomorrow. Your quest is happiness from dawn to dusk. In the preceding day you prepared an agenda carefully penned in a fashion to suit your day and your ability. You gathered your paraphernalia the day before and now it is all about getting ready. You awake and start your day without a bustle or a hustle. You know what to expect of today because your day is governed by your agenda.

Quote of the day: ‘Having an agenda for the day makes you become affixed for the day. Your agenda commands your actions and your agenda is responsible for the consequences of your actions. Happiness promotes satisfaction. Happiness is the driving force or energy needed to fulfil and accomplish your day. Without happiness there is chaos on a large scale.’

The preparatory method for the day is as follows:
  1. Start your day with a prayer and end sincerely with gratitude
  2. Your day is governed by your agenda which was penned the previous day by your thoughts.
  3. Your daily agenda is also referred to as your daily memorandum.
  4. To be accomplished and fulfilled for the day you need to fire your day with a burst of happiness.
  5. Greeting people that you see with a smile makes you go the extra mile.
  6. Happiness is energy and like a battery will run your day effectively and efficiently.
  7. Eat well but always be moderate and considerate. Good foods create good moods.
  8. Your mood swings play a pivotal role on your overall happiness.
  9. Always remember avoidance is better than pursuance so if an element of distraction comes your way, step aside and let it pass.
Do this daily and watch how your life shall change. You will be the talk of the town. People will want to follow in your footsteps because they can see the goodness around you. Have a great evening and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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