Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Personal makeover before the start of any working week yields impressive results

Good day to you Dear Friends and welcome to Inspirational Galleries. Inspirational Galleries provides daily Inspirational Quotes to motivate and inspire you to have a fulfilling, accomplished and pleasant day. I am Anthony, the author of The Modern Day Trilogy and the founder of Universally Friendly. Universally Friendly is a circle of Friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. I created this blog to keep your spirits high by providing you with daily motivational Quotes for you to read as you commute or getting ready for work or school for that matter. You may be stressed, perhaps a little unfocussed or indecisive. Reading a daily Quote created for you like a fresh early morning cup of coffee from my writing desk here in the suburb of Croydon will help you to become unstressed, focussed and decisive. How was yesterday, was it fulfilling, accomplished and pleasant? I cannot express in words how invigorating it is to have a fulfilling, accomplished and pleasant day. Was your day filled with the ambience of relaxation, togetherness and profound happiness? Experiencing these subtleties in life makes you energised to go to work tomorrow or the day after, to face the beginning of a new week or to sustain an existing working work. Starting a new week with a refreshed feeling from head to toe makes you cope with your daily chores a lot easier. What is your motto to your daily Success? It is simple. Treat the weekend as a form of genuine relaxation. Relaxation is a vital tool to recover from a week long day at the mill of your vocational activities. In other words work hard during your working week and reward yourself with 48 hours of pure relaxation. Relaxation harbours more than what you think. It focuses on your body, your mind and your surroundings. Your body needs to recoil. Your muscles need resting and your mind needs serenity. You cannot start a new week without relaxation. Recoiling is a technique consisting of starting all over again. You step out of the cabin of aggressiveness, concentration and pressure. You then simply step into the cabin of relaxation. You switch off from the network of constant callers and obliterate annoyance and discord. Quote of the Day: ‘Starting a new working week refreshed is like a complete makeover. You start without the usual apparel of discontent and annoyance but instead start to perform a complete inspection of yourself. You filter out annoyance and discomfort. You look at yourself and see what is needed.' Time is a key ingredient to all of this. As you plan your working week to maximise your gain you need to plan your weekends too, in a similar way. A balance diet, a worthy walk or a possible jog, a frequent log and a spirited harmony amongst all at home are key to your relaxation. I wish you well for the week ahead and always remember switch off the lights in your working cabin on Friday afternoon. Taste Saturday morning in the future like never before. Cast aside unworthy aspirations that inhibits your natural advancement to stardom. Don’t forget to log on to this blog daily and use it profitably to make all your working agendas accomplished and fulfilled. For further information and personal assistance please log on my main website - www.universallyfriendly.co.uk 

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