Saturday 30 August 2014

The Art of Gratefulness

Gratefulness comes to light when we realise the magnitude of the gifts that we already have. Can we see? If we can see are we able to see clearly into the past, present and future. Sight is not only what the eyes can see but also what the mind wants to see. Sometimes the mind can become too focused on external images that can be distracting or enticing. A well-focussed mind knows what to see and how to respond to what it sees. Sometimes there is a delusion. We see a pretty woman for example and suddenly we are deluded by showing lust rather than love. Can we hear and if we can what do we hear? Do we hear the sound of silence that permeates the air or do we get baffled with distorted sounds that make no sense. A vulgar word uttered to you can change your temperament and result in a negative consequence. However if you ignored it and just listened to the blissfulness of happy sounds your temperament will remain unaltered and so will your day. Being grateful is really an art. It is the faculty of a human being to remain humane at all times. It is about being simple in life rather than complex. Simplicity is about having the flair of naturalness. Naturalness is a genuine and sincere characteristic of a human being. A human being shows gratitude when gratitude is needed. They are thankful for little things as well as colossal achievements. They express their thankfulness in a kind way. They acknowledge the gift of life and the purpose of life. They recognise good from bad. They are generally humble in nature and respond in a humane way. They do not resort to vulgarism, hooliganism and vandalism. They do not take harshness to heart and focus on the job to be done. They are not easily distracted and neither do they distract. They believe in a purpose to life and are grateful for life itself and are willing and endearing to live onto to their rightful age of 100 years. Being grateful is a daily ritual that must be exercised with sincerity and lovingness. You need to be grateful to all and not one. You need to express your appreciation openly and to make it know to the recipient that you are and always will be thankful. This is the spirit we need to adopt for the new month in September.  

Quote of the day

‘Carrying the cradle of gratitude in your palms is like carrying a new-born child. There is purity in your eyes and clarity in your gesture. Your smile evokes a radiance that is befitting to austerity and the recipient of your expressions will acknowledge the warmth of your heart.’

With gratefulness you can open doors to new friends and rekindle relationships with lost friends. With gratefulness you can calm the storm of confusion and break the winds of destruction. Gratefulness is a faculty that you need to master and deploy in a variety of ways during your day and during your night. Gratefulness will carry you a long, long way into the openness of The Universe and into the passage of your eternal life. Enrol to a Full-Time degree in gratefulness and when you feel that you have qualified you can add the following after your name: BA in Gratefulness.

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