Friday 29 August 2014

My Top 10 Quotes as voted by You

'Love to live and live to Love'.
'Treasure every minute of your life from now on, guard it with all your might in the volumetric space that you occupy'
‘All things great or small can be conquered with proper planning, correct eating, exercising, courage, passion, commitment and patience’.
‘All manifestations in life occupy space and time. A goal or a resolution will occupy space and TIME too, and so will you.’
‘Our true persona is the character and personality that others see in us and not what we see in ourselves’
‘How do we measure success in life lies entirely in how we appreciate what we already have?’
‘To embrace change when needed is easier when you anticipate change beforehand.’
‘I shall only follow a set of instructions that gives proven results.’
’Goals only become significant, accomplished and fulfilled when they are first conjured up unselfishly in your mind and then acted upon’
‘The Universal pledge is to care, share and remain fair, everyday until eternity when the true magnificence of life is revealed.’

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