Thursday, 21 August 2014

Our Daily Obligations

Our Daily Obligations

Quote of the day: ‘Obligations are really our humane responsibilities for the day. It is not optional but rather a promise made between you and the rest of the world.’

We often taken things for granted assuming that nothing bad can come from it but yet bad things do come in front us all the time. The world is facing an epidemic of bad consequences at this precise moment. The Ebola virus disease is ongoing in West Africa. Infectious diseases decimated entire populations, ending blood lines and claiming more casualties than World Wars. War amongst men is still raging. The War in Donbass is ongoing. The Syrian Civil War has claimed huge fatalities. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we cannot take things for granted. We need to become informed and to learn to live in anticipation.  Becoming informed makes us realise what is happening in the world. The tension in Gaza is escalating and without been kept informed we could toddle along without understanding the meaning of life and the consequences of abusing it.

No human being is born to suffer. Suffering is a really a drapery of miseries, sorrows and anguish brought upon ourselves. Yes, we are the Creators of all human sufferings. Let us assume that we went to the Moon just for the day on our own or perhaps with just another friend. Now there is not a lot to do on the moon but nevertheless you went along for the purposes of this article to prove a point. Let us assume you have the ability to exercise terraforming and consequently you created a little paradise for yourself and your sincere friend. Can you imagine how beautiful your domain will look enriched with serenity and draped with colour for eternity? Suddenly in the remote setting of a Sci-Fi settings you could see at a distance a craft arriving in the vicinity of your domain. You start to worry, you become agitated and feel a little insecure. You were fine a few minutes ago, alone in a bespoke paradise but then the curtains came tumbling down and all those promising dreams were shattered. You now have an adversary. The Earth holds the same props but staged for a more earthly life. Here we share these props with over 7 billion others. Somehow we seem to be unable to get along. Adhering to obligations helps. What is your obligations for today or tomorrow or even the next day? Well you need to create your responsibilities according to your ability in order to perform them. You cannot create an agenda of a 1000 duties only to complete 7 by the end of the day. You need to create a workload according to your ability. Once done you need to perform them daily in the most altruistic fashion. This makes you realise that you are not alone in a world of your own but rather in a world with 7 billion friends. Adhering to your obligations helps to harmonise relationships and reduce the possibilities of conflicts and disagreements. You must be kept informed by reading, listening and watching. Information is your core to understanding and learning. Learning makes you become knowledgeable and wise. A Wiseman will always walk away from a conflict rather than engage in one. A Wiseman will walk the Earth knowing that he or she has a job to be done and will engage with this obligation until the job is done.

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