Friday 22 August 2014

Good day to you Dear Friends. Getting up each day must be a treasured activity. You cannot get up saying that you feel tired. You cannot utter to yourself or your partner that you don’t have the desire to go to work today. Do you often get the inner feelings of body aches and pains? Does you mind feel incoherent, unable to deduce simple morning signals? A meritocratic Goal Setter feels otherwise.
A meritocratic Goal Setter wakes up with the zest to accomplish. He or she ramifies this thought in their minds before going to bed. They have a clearer vision than any other ordinary human being. You could even describe them as super humans. They have unbelievable energy to compound desire and passion in a regular fashion.
They go the extra mile. They manage their day fruitfully. They take each second of the day and use it profitably. Every second is important to a meritocratic Goal Setter. Breakfast is important and so is lunch followed by a lighter supper. They know the importance of a fueled breakfast to sparkle the need to do profitable work. They eat on time each day and know the good foods from the bad. There is goodness out there but there are also bad foods that induce bad and lethargic feelings.
Eating well makes you act well. It fires you to do things that you could never do before. Meritocratic goals setters leave no stone unturned. Their garden is always neat and tidy. Weeds are constantly removed and larger shrubs regularly pruned. They ensure flower beds are adequate to attract nature’s creatures like bees and birds. They recycle wherever and whenever they can. They go green and do it because of the importance of been green. They care earnestly for the environment.
They get to know their neighbours and walk instead of taking the car. They keep correspondences at bay attending to mail when needed and keep payments manageable and affordable. They keep their homes clean and free from clutter. They dry their clothes naturally rather than use the tumble drier. Their wash clothes only when needed and vacuum their homes regularly to repel unwanted pests.
There is constant activity in a meritocratic Goal Setter. They instill fine qualities in their children and ensure their proper upbringing. They value responsibilities and take responsibilities seriously. There is no room for complacency. They filter out problems with careful analysis. They keep abreast with current affairs and learn new words each day. A meritocratic Goal Setter does fear knowledge, they are willing to learn rather than place emphasis on earn, earn and earn!
How far are you willing to go? How do you spend each second of your day? When does your day start and when does it end? Are you willing to go the extra mile? Are you willing to make adjustments and sacrifices? In order to see change you must be willing to change. It is as simple as that, no different to any successful individual that paces or paced the Earth. Go for it Dear Friends, make a difference to your life with sound and orchestrated movements. Flow with relinquished success rather than fantasised success.

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