Tuesday 26 August 2014

Learning from Others

Learning from others is like accessing wisdom from The Universe. The reason for this is that other people that are successful have already extracted knowledge from The Universe and made it work for them. Now just by making an observation you too can make whatever it may be, work for you too. If you want success then you need to follow Successful People. It is often easy to find successful people because there is a banner above a successful person that clearly reads achiever, accomplisher and victor. If you want good health then simply follow healthy people. Healthy people have a vigorous approach to life, they stay in relatively good shape and they are generally hale and hearty. If you need to be wealthy then follow the people that have wealth but not those that hoarded wealth by stealth. A wealthy person is prosperous at heart and affluent in mind. If you need to excel in education then seek the learned ones that hold a sound vocabulary, a rich career, an inquiring mind and a cultured outlook to life. If you seek spirituality than look no further than the opulence of our Heavenly Father who provides us with all necessities to live and the generative power to love to live. When I visited Amsterdam and Brugge I was so impressed with the quality of life and the equality of life. I was drawn to the landscape, manufactured to please and agriculture to appease. I was impressed with the produce and the refinery towards quotas, quality and not necessarily quantity. I was touched by the architecture and the engineering. Land is scarce but yet architecture has transformed small spaces into tall spaces. Set below sea level there is provisions in place for flooding from the North Sea with engineering brought into the limelight of innovation. I was amazed with the surplus of bicycles and the need to cycle and the course to recycle. I was inspired to become fit when I saw fitness in action from dawn to dusk. I liked what I saw because I tapped into the workings of The Universe within The Universe.

Quote of the day: ‘We often feel that there is hopelessness because it is meant to be but little do we realise that hopefulness is actually more enticing. Hopefulness exists throughout the world used by those that have tapped into the resonant sound of positivity from The Universe.’

We need to mimic hope when there is no hope. We need to copy love where there is hate. We need to prosper in our hearts first before we can prosper in our pockets. We need to follow the trail of righteousness and ignore the trail of fools. We need to think ahead and live in anticipation. These qualities of life are already blossoming in the world. We need to grasp the concept of success by wanting to taste it, feel it and enjoy it. Do enjoy the last few days of August and keep the tradition of trying as a emblem toy our personal prosperity.

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