Friday, 22 August 2014

To be without is to live without

To be without appreciation, loving, caring and sharing is to face living without appreciation, loving, caring and sharing. What then is life without appreciation, loving, caring and sharing? To appreciate life is to give love, care, and a share of your wealth back to those that helped you to get it in the first place. You are a human being that has the equal right to live on planet Earth for a period of 100 years. No other human being has the right to take away this equal opportunity from you. The real question is how do we expend our valuable time on planet Earth daily and for the rest of our centennial existence?

Quote of the day: ‘Express your appreciation for life by caring, sharing and loving everything that you can see, feel or touch. In return you shall get an equal dose of caring, sharing and love.’

Wow! It is like investing in a saving account but the rewards are not restricted to say 3% interest. The rewards are so awesome. Can you imagine waking up knowing that although you care others care too? Can you also imagine sharing your last penny knowing that a treasure awaits you? What about love? Love is such an energising word. It is a feeling of passion, adoration, devotion and amity. To give love and to get so much of love in return is by far the greatest investment you could ever make. There are no risks in making 3 valuable investments in your life. If you constantly care, share and love you shall get it back in a deluge of appreciation from all over the world. Try it! Be kind just for an hour. Be kind to all just for a single hour. Time it and do it sincerely. Go the extra mile. Move every stone or leaf in front of you and make it known that you care, share and love everything. Now openly tell how it feels an hour later. Does it meet your expectations? Is there a change in the temperament of your circumstances? Dear Friends you will know when you have invested wisely for the rainbow shall not stop glowing beyond the foothills of the meadows below. It is a feeling that I would constantly want to invest in each and every single day of my earthly life. I can only recommend it.

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