Monday, 25 January 2016

The Swop Shop

The Swop Shop

Quote of the day

‘The Swop Shop is an excellent rendezvous for those wishing to switch from a negative habit to a positive habit. The results are breathtaking. Swop stress with a game of chess. Swop debt without stress. Swop talking with walking. Swop lunch with a munch. Swop white bread with brown bread.’

Welcome to the start of your new working week and of sadly the final working week of January 2016. It is also a good gauge to determine your progress into the New Year. Did you make a mundane start or a humane start to 2016? It is never too late to make a new start, with 340 days left before 2017 there is an incredible amount of time at your disposal, which is in fact 29,376,000 seconds. Today I want to introduce you to the Swop Shop. The Swop Shop is your personal Shop where you can change bad habits into good ones. It is a simple technique where your virtual Swop Shop stocked with noble concepts from the global market can be accessed at any time. Let’s look at some classic examples that can change your life for the common good and help to steer you in the right direction. If followed incessantly you will see instant changes in your life. So, the golden rule is to visit your virtual Swop Shop at least three times a day. Stop the talking and get cracking with the walking. If you commute by bus get off one stop before your destination and walk. If you travel by car, park at least 15 minutes away from your destination and walk. Underground or overground, please follow the same procedure. Walking is so much better than talking. Stop talking get on with the walking for at least 20 minutes a day. Drinking is good if your drink is pure as water. Distilled water is good, sparkling water is even better. A hint of lemon or lime enhances the taste. Our body is made up of 73% of water so why contaminate it with impure water such as coffee, tea, cold drinks, juices and alcohol. Be pure and be sure. Don’t go nuts, just eat them. Almonds are good because they help you to lose weight. Brazil nuts are a good source of selenium. Swop from white to brown. Ditch the white breads, switch from white flour to brown flour and pitch white rice for brown rice. Swop the superfoods for the bad foods. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A pear a day cares for your skin because of its phytonutrients. Swop the sherries for the berries. Your virtual Swop Shop should include cherries. blueberries, strawberries, gooseberries, cranberries and raspberries. Create smoothies to assimilate different fruits into your diet. From vegetables to low sugar fruits, a smoothie can soothe you. Swop the crap with a nap. A good nap is nature’s prescription to recover, revive, survive and to create that unique drive for the next day. Swop lunch with a munch and a crunch. Chew rather than brew. Count the calories, count the fat, count the protein and count the salt. In other words, don’t rush your meals. Have a feel for the best meal. Look for a meal that is ideal, has a sense of appeal and has lots of peels. Swop quantity for quality. Quality is broccoli gastronomy. Ensure broccoli is a daily ingredient in your diet. Hate it but eat it. Swop potatoes with sweet potatoes. Swop oils with boils. Never deep fry, just boil and garnish with condiments. Dear Friends, the Swop Shop analogy works. You can have an alternative life that is long-lasting and everlasting. Create a Swop Shop right in front of you. What you see swop it with something else that will set you free. It is wonderful to be free from harm, free from ailments, free from debt, free from anger, free from insecurity and free from intimidation. Today I include a special smoothie recipe that I created using key ingredients. This recipe is available on my blog at Do read my article and watch my motivational videos daily. I always do. Log onto my blog at Always use the Swop Shop analogy in your life and see a real difference in the next 340 days. Have a great week.

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