Sunday, 3 January 2016

The RIPE Formula

The RIPE Formula

Quote of the day

 ‘The RIPE formula to a perfect lifestyle is to Reflect, Inspect and Perfect in order to create the desired Effect.’

Welcome to the 1st Sunday of 2016, with another 51 Sundays to go before 2017 there is a lot to look forward to. Can you imagine with just that little bit of leverage you can achieve or at least lay a strong foundation to success in 51 weeks? Just imagine a surplus in your bank statement, a cleared overdraft and a zero balance on all your credit and store cards. Can you imagine having the perfect BMI with the ability to slip into a 34 or 36 inch pants with ease and comfort. Can you imagine securing a down payment on your very 1st home without any setbacks. Nothing is impossible in life and by applying the RIPE formula diligently enables you to do just that. The RIPE formula is not rocket science where great sacrifices need to be made but rather common-sense instead enabling you to apply the right actions at the right time. The 1st protocol to the RIPE formula is to Reflect. What better time to reflect then a passing year that is so fresh in our minds? Our memories of 2015 are indeed quite fresh and therefore our reflections of what might have gone will always be crisp and counteractive. Reflecting on our problems carried forward into 2016 enables to understand what went wrong. Did we break the bank? Did we neglect a certain aspect of our lives? Did we go overboard? Are we in arrears? Are we overweight? Reflections gives us an overview of what went wrong. The next protocol is to Inspect. Inspection gives you the unique opportunity to examine the facts at the precise moment when the problem started. Is one of your credit cards sitting at its limit and putting undue stress on you at the start of 2016. Inspection examines the facts of what really happened. Why did you spend lavishly on your card knowing that you would have to pay it back? What did you spend it on? To overcome this dilemma and to avoid future unnecessary stress factors I suggest using the magic WAND urge. The magic WAND urge is something that I always use when it comes to expenditure. The 1st thing you need to do is ask yourself do you really Want something. Can you do Without it? If you have to virtually wave a magic WAND in front of you, do it. The psychological effect of this awakens your senses. What follows after that is the Affordability Factor? New products, trends or technology always peak at their highest values when first launched. If you don’t really Need it immediately can you not stall the decision for later on? Is it a Necessity? Can it make a difference to your overall daily routine? Finally, it is Decision time. We all have the tendency to clutter our homes with commodities that we don’t really need. Do you need it? Don’t be compelled to buy something that you cannot afford. Do without it. Dear Friends, every situation in life demands a strategic plan of action. The RIPE formula helps you make the right decisions. Once Inspected, you need to Perfect it. It is not only about your existing problems but to avoid an onslaught of new problems. To create the desired Effect for you in 2016 you need to be Perfect in what you do. An action that follows a plan must be flawless. Can a pilot wander aimlessly in space without a chartered route or veer in a new direction? A Perfect Lifestyle can be created using Picture Postcards as depicted in yesterday’s article. At the dawn of your decision making you would have Reflected and then Inspected, now it would be time to make a Perfect decision. Perfect Decisions to create the desired Effect comes from Reflecting and Inspecting. Reflecting and Inspecting a year that has just gone by is quite easy because your memories of 2015 for example is crisp and counteractive. It is crisp because you carried it forward into the new Year. It is also counteractive because you don’t want to make the same mistakes again. Be RIPE before you SWIPE your credit card. Be RIPE before you TYPE anything prior to send a text or an email. Be RIPE before you WIPE the slate clean. Be RIPE before you DESCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, INSCRIBE or TRANSCRIBE. Do log onto my regular blogs for constant articles and motivational videos to help you make the right decisions. My blog links are – and Have a peaceful, restful and relaxing Sunday. I wish you a happy and fruitful start to your new working week or school term.

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