Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Service or Nervous

Service or Nervous

Quote of the day

‘Are you feeling nervous because the Service you got was more of a disservice. Welcome to a world of wrongdoings, evildoings, misdoings and torpedoing. Until you remain aware you will always fall into a snare.’

Greetings and salutations on the 2nd day of our 1st new working week in 2016. Has your New Year started off well and is going according to plan? It does not matter if there is something wrong outside your domain. This is not within your control, therefore you don’t really need to feel guilty. What does matter is that nothing must go wrong within your domain because this is something well within your control. Your domain is your dominion of control. It is where you manufacture your personal happiness and live a lifestyle bespoke to your needs. Your domain is your responsibility. Every blade of grass, every army of ants or every bird that flocks together beneath your patio is your concern. You are the sole custodian of your domain. Realising these vital responsibilities makes you feel more humane and less hostile. As a humane and friendly person you will soon develop a certain elegance in the way you speak, think and act. As you speak, think and act you are creating a certain class of service or rapport common to your domain. It is a service that is usually fair and reasonable. If it isn't then you will have to work on it. It is a service that you extend to people out of your domain. It is the same service that you will want in return. What’s good for the goose is sometimes good for the gander. If you are able to create a standard that is fair, reasonably priced, acceptable to people of all ages then this is the service you will receive when you seek it from outside your domain. What you give is what you are bound to receive. Deliver excellence and you will cultivate a new friend for life. A friend for life identifies you by the service that you provide. If you are friendly you will receive friends by the dozen. If you cannot see the level of service that someone is about to provide to you then simply walk away or say no. If something goes wrong in our lives, we require servicing, from cars to cures, from food to feuds and from Televisions to collisions. You should only accept the service of someone if they can deliver the same level of service that you would provide in a similar profession. If the service lacks the qualities of your criteria, then simply say no or find someone else. Regretfully it is a world of wrongdoings, evildoings, misdoings and torpedoing. You have to remain aware otherwise you will always fall into a snare. If your telly breaks down your mind is focussed on the telly and not the service personnel. We want our telly working and ignore the intentions of the service personnel that sees your weaknesses. The world is full of service personnel that will charge you the earth, promise you the heavens and deliver you lemons. I urge you to become aware. I urge you to be patient. I urge you to find the same standard of service that you will deliver. What about your standard? Is it up to par? What you deliver is what you will receive. What you give is what you will eventually get. So, if you were disappointed with the service that you received from the tree surgeon, your GP, the Bank Manager or the delivery man you need to think. Are you maintaining a standard that you expect to receive? Did you remain aware of the possible rogue trader? Did you receive several quotes? Did you do an open review? All of these simple but effective protocols are essential in the vast employment bureau of Servicing. Have a wonderful evening. Sorry about the late tweets. Pleasant dreams and don’t give up on your New Year’s Resolutions.

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