Friday, 22 January 2016

The Children of our World

The Children of our World

Quote of the day

‘Happiness and Joy is born when a child is around. The children of our world bring our world into a playground of living. Love our children for they are the future as we once were the future.’

A sizzling welcome to Friday, the last day of our working week and the preamble to our much awaited weekend. Weekends are really joyful in the presence of our children. Children bring joy to the world and remind us of just that. Today I want to dedicate an article to commend our children for the joy and happiness they bring to our hearts. Our lives are a precious gift bestowed upon us by Almighty GOD for a valued and valid purpose. No one should live a life of unhappiness. We are human beings with the appendages to make changes to ourselves and to our living world. We can take hate away by giving love. We can take hunger away from the younger with a simple programme called feed. We can stop the abuse with a simple approach called refuse. If we can send water to astronauts in space, we can easily send water to those on Earth. In a centennial journey we see changes in our bodies. As we grow older we become wiser. Once we were children and now we have children of our own. Our responsibilities are diversified. Children are our first priority. We need to act immediately and lend a helping hand. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls we need to love our children and to give them the full support that they need from skills to thrills. Children depend on us as much as we depend on them. They learn from us in the same way we learn from them. They remind us that we were once children, dependent from birth, ascendants from learning, descendants from lineage and independents from 21. They remind us of the word love and its potent meaning to create harmony, friendship, adoration, fun and laughter. Children of the world see the world that we create. There are around 1.9 billion children in the world, we need to inspire them with intensity. Some children are unfortunate therefore we need to bring fortune to them.  In Somalia 49% of children aged between 4 – 14 are involved in child labour. As sole custodians of the living world we can stop this. In Sierra Leone 1 in 5 children die before the age of 5. One billion children around the world live in poverty. We have the means to end all of this. To create better weekends from the strain of bitter weekends we need to think children.  We need to turn 1.9 billion young hearts into hope. Give 1.9 billion children a smile and our planet shall light up with vigor and strength. Give 1.9 billion children a fair chance and you will end unfairness. The future of our planet lies in the fate of our agenda. What can we do? What can we do for our children? Can we help? Can we provide? It is the year 2016. We have the technology to improve our ecology and the methodology to advance our immunology. We have the theology to recognize our ideology and the psychology to eradicate poverty. I say onto you and verily too, think children. Think of their future. Give them a chance. Let them breathe in confidence and exhale timidity.  We are Earthlings and should be proud of it. We should pamper the young wherever they are and whoever they are. Diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia can be conquered saving over 2 million children lives per year, almost 4 lives per minute. In Syria there are 7.5 million children in need of our assistance. Try to help in any possible way to create a smile of hope to a child. Reinstate smiles to the forgotten ones and see how 2016 will change for you. Love our children, for they love you dearly. Have a wonderful Friday. Think children this weekend and find a way in your heart to create smiles around the world. Always remember that a child’s smile is like a candle of hope that shines in the darkness of despair. Bring home a smile to a child and you shall light up the darkness of despair with hope and love.

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